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Mauritanian writers and politicians expose the actions of Qatar

The island of Qatar has irritated the Mauritanians following the exclusion of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz from the live broadcast during the opening of the Arab Development Summit in Beirut, some have called for the closure of the channel office in Nouakchott, stating that his behavior reveals "the entity of his obvious control,.

The channel "Al Jazeera Mubasher" today during the coverage of the Beirut Arab Development Summit to cut the sound with the beginning of the speech of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, and instead transmit scenes outside the hall, to return immediately after the speech to the scenes of the conference room and the rest of the interventions.

Politicians, writers and bloggers have strongly criticized the act, saying that it was evidence of an aggressive position against Mauritania by a "propaganda trumpet" that has always tried to destabilize the country and spread rhetoric of extremism and hatred between the people.

False slogans

Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Ould Maï, leader of the ruling party and Deputy Director of the Mauritanian News Agency, expressed his surprise at this behavior, which he described as "the island" of Qatar, or "the can of sulfur "that has inflamed the Arab world. Emphasizing that the boycott of the president's speech channel will not affect Mauritania, but falsifies the professional allegations of this channel.

Ould Maati said that this channel will continue to be pursued by the Arab citizen for what he called "historical, moral and religious responsibility for his actions that destroyed the Arab world and dispersed his people". In reference to the incitement of Al Jazeera to acts of violence associated with what is known as the "Arab Spring.

He explained that this channel has shown the world this behavior that is not free and objective, and has nothing to do with false slogans that raise them, but operates from a political perspective in reference to the service of the island on the orders of "Brotherhood" agenda.

Mohamed Vall Ould Bilal, a political figure and former minister, has criticized the move on Facebook, saying that what he called his "reserve" duty as head of an independent electoral commission in Mauritania will not prevent him from expressing "Jazeera" that he describes it as "childlike attitude".

For its part, the Mauritian writer and blogger Sheikna Ould Mohamed Vall, also through his account on the "Facebook" site, was not surprised by the channel's conduct, "Amora", surprising the existence of "those who support us" , referring to the position of the Muslim Brotherhood consistent with the behavior of the island always, "After his position today, what do you expect before closing his office in Nouakchott?"

Al – Jazeera is the sedition of the Horn of Africa in Mauritania

The island of Qatar has redirected Mauritania through its "No Frontiers" program, broadcast on January 2, in which the leader of the opposition and the candidate of the failed terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood, Saleh Ould Hanna , have focused their new offensive against Mauritania on the ethnic and class issue.

The guest of the program and his guest came out to address the topic in that episode on the title of the presidential presidential seminar of the spring of 2019, prompting the discussion on some recent provocative statements on the ethnic question , which shocked the Mauritan politicians loyal to them and the opposition.

The Mauritanian blogger, who has never been surprised by the fall of the Qatar island in the ethnic quagmire, has been condemned by the Mauritanian media dossier as an act of resentment and resentment towards the position of Mauritania, which has joined the Arab boycott of Doha and has condemned its actions since June 2017.

The attack is not the first of its kind, it comes only a few months after an attack similar to Mauritania following the decision of the authorities last September to ban the Brotherhood institutions in the country.

During this period, the Al-Jazeera channel discussed the closure of institutions belonging to the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Nouakchott, attacking Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz and a senior official in Mauritania who refused to participate in the program unless that was not broadcast live for fear of cutting his words as "fugitive".

The offensive statements made by the media platform of Qatar to Mauritanian officials of the era, who defended the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, an attempt to give it popular sympathy, were counterproductive and met angry reactions, in which many Mauritanians saw " deliberate malice of their country "and its symbols.

The head of the ruling party of the Republic of Mauritania for the Republic, Sidi Mohamed Ould Mehmoud, then ridiculed Qatari Muslims' speech about the lack of democracy in Mauritania, underlining that Qatar was not qualified to give democracy lessons to others.

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