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Math Wallet v1.9.0 adds TRON [TRX] to its services – BCFocus

Math Wallet, the virtual currency portfolio launched by MediShares added the eleventh highest cryptocurrency on the market, TRON [TRX] to his services. MediShares is the first global mutual insurance market based on blockchain, which operates in a dichotomy of the traditional insurance model with blockchain and support of smart contracts.

Announced on November 22nd via a Post of the average blog, MediShares has updated its cryptographic portfolio to the brand new Math Wallet v1.9.0 with several new additions. The main addition is the launch of the TRON DApp Wallet on its platform.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, tweeted the same stating:

Math Wallet has also extended its support to the following TRON tokens: TRC10 / TRC20. Several features have been added to improve the user experience such as the ability to lock and unlock TRON Power and Bandwidth, a TronLink protocol for DApps, a Tron DApp Browser that allows users to customize the link, share it and earn dividends.

The portfolio also offers mining capabilities, with automatic mining. Currently, coins that can be extracted simultaneously are TRON [TRX], EOS [EOS]and EOS Cash [EOSC].

In addition to the TRON and EOS tokens mentioned above, Math Wallet also supports all ERC20, NEP5 and cross-chain tokens. The portfolio also has a DApp center with a DApp classification function, in collaboration with SpiderStore.

The TRON foundation is ready to host their summit niTROn in January 2019, which they hope will announce a great year for TRON. The summit aims to bring together the main supporters of the crypt and the blockchain and also the external companies to convince them to adopt the DLT technology.

Recently, the TRON foundation announced that the NBA legend, Kobe Bryant will be their special guest at the niTROn summit. The addition of Bryant follows a trend of high-profile celebrities included in the crypto events to increase attention and increase adoption.

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