Manager Markus Krampe tries to save what can still be saved


From the start, Markus Krampe clearly distanced himself from Michael Wendler’s statements on the crown pandemic. The manager was horrified and absolutely could not understand the actions of the pop singer. However, he made it clear from the start that he would like to continue working as Laura and Michael’s manager and would try to “save what can still be saved”.

In his statement about Michael’s apology, Krampe says, “You have to wait and see what happens now.” He is waiting for some important reactions that will now determine Michael’s future. For example, the reaction of the record company. It all depends heavily on “how you recorded this video,” explains the 48-year-old.

Krampe himself is happy that Michael apologized and that at least in some places he is understanding. For the manager, however, the cancellation of his Telegram group is “the alpha and the omega”. And even Michael and Markus are far from agreeing on the Corona: “We are relatively distant on this subject”.


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