Major Mining Pool F2Pool publishes a list of minimum prices for profitable encryption activities

The CEO of the encrypted mining pool F2Pool has published a company-branded infographics on September 6 that indicates at which minimum prices the extraction of various cryptocurrencies becomes unprofitable.

Shixing Mao, co-founder and CEO and of the sixth largest mining pool in the world F2Pool, published a list of price levels for the major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC ) and Zcash (ZEC) below which the extraction of this currency with various miners presumably becomes unprofitable.

According to Mao's graphic, if the price of Bitcoin is worth less than 36,792 yuan (about $ 5,376), this would mean that extracting the cryptocurrency on an Antminer T1 would be useless. In the case of the use of an S7 model miner, the break-even point is equivalent to a significantly higher price of 79,258 yuan (about $ 11,581). Break-even break-even prices

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<p style= Break-even price points for different cryptocurrencies and miners Source: F2Pool Weibo CEO

In contrast to S7, the Bitcoin mining on Antminer's T9 model was released January 2017, it is still profitable at current Bitcoin prices, while the newer Innosilicon T2 has the lowest threshold, amounting to 26,636 yuan or about $ 3,891. [19659002] At the time of printing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 6,452, according to Cointelegraph bitcoin price index

In mid-August, Nvidia producer of the US National Processing Unit (GPU) revealed that sales of encrypted hardware were much lower than expected in 2Q 2018, arguing that the company it does not provide for effe To carry out significant blockchain sales for the rest of the year

In July, Taiwan's largest chip maker TSMC once again lowered its annual revenue and expenditure estimates by reducing the growth rate in the mining crypto field, among other areas.

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