Majida Al-Roumi sued a group that violated the property of “Ya Beirut” and Nizar Qabbani’s wife supports him


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Before Lawyer Nabil Gardener. وجاء inside:

In abundance in a Stage Last Actions Violation Above Rights Property Technical, و .خر this is The offenses Audacity Team Fired Above Yes Noun “Kimaera” Above act Without Which Right or Ear SonglyOh BeirutAnd take advantage of it Commercially Through take pictures video Clip Baptized Some Stations Television Lebanese for me Pass it on.

Majida Al-Roumi sued a group that violated the property of

وحول Topic to make out What It follows:

First: module Actions Which I did about her the band Mentioned crimes Stipulated وععاقب about her in a Legislation Lebanese Sponsored Action, Pose Above وجه Selection Infringement Clear And cheeky Above Rights Materialism والمعنوية Fixed Which Guarantee it the rule Protect the property Literary And artistic number 75.

the rule protection Property Literary And artistic number 75 Released Dated1999/4/3for each From author the song The late great Poet Nazar My cellar And composer great The musician beauty safety Addition for me Rights SM Magda Rumi.

Second: no Shoulders the band Mentioned Violate Above Rights Property Technical ل .صحاب the job but He acted With the song He came video Clip Which Chest her Work Hybrid To publish Violence And literacy ويتضمن Votes وًلحاناًStrangeLifted up Whistles والذهول.

..that Trouble With a song Wonderful Inhabited Consciousness People Lebanese والعربي وبتت Title Hope And resist And aggression وتحويلها for me this is Negativity Technical Command Not Acceptable From everyone Weight scale

Third: Want We advance in a the days Arriving With clothes Judicial Necessary With a face the band Mentioned والقيمين about herوبوجه Every From Take part with her in a Violation Above Rights Technical Fixed. And in This the frame, I called coffee beans SM Zaynab My cellar Dear The late great Poet Nazar My cell phone و .كدت Basim all Heirs The late great His solidarity Full With us And talents To partecipate To us in a Which Procedure Legal could be We take it لوقف This Violation.

And in all Adverbs, Heels Desk SM Magda Rumi In all Stations Television Lebanese Stop immediately Of transmission This the job Melancholy To protect Above The rest From Rights Legal And from beauty technical in a This Time Miserable

Desk SM Magda Rumi


Lawyer Nabil Gardener

Jounieh On 6/11/2020.

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