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Maduro sent the dialogue to Trump through the Miami journalist

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, called for a "sincere dialogue" with his American colleague, Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview conducted by the journalist and sent to the United States Congress, María Elvira Salazar.

"I know we are two people and different countries, but we are in the same hemisphere, sooner or later we will be forced to understand each other," said Maduro in an interview conducted by Salazar for the Fox network, which is broadcast in parts on channel 23 of Univision.

Maduro wonders in the interview if it is not possible for the United States to have "a relationship with" Venezuela and Latin America, which is work, cooperation and respect "and believes that Trump has inherited" errors of previous administrations, including (Barack Obama, in foreign policy "towards the region.

"Of all these subjects we can talk about, I hope that the opportunity for a frank dialogue is given so that we can see that we are not what their relationships are saying, we are people with whom you can talk and negotiate," he said in his message to Trump.

He also invited the American Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to visit Venezuela. "He's invited by now, when he wants to come, I welcome him and give him my hand," he said.

The legitimacy of Maduro as president is called into question by the European Union, the Organization of American States, the United States and several Latin American countries, because its new mandate, which took 10 January, emerged from the elections without the participation of the opposition.

"The OAS is a totally de-legitimized and delegitimized organization", "has passed and the declaration that a handful of countries has approved Venezuela it discredits him more and more, "he said.

The EU stressed that "the conflict of criteria must be managed on the basis of compliance, but the European Union intends to govern and give orders to Venezuela".

Although he has questioned his legitimacy, Maduro has said he feels "good" because he is "on the right track of history", and has affirmed that the world is now "pluripolar" and we must make room for the emerging powers of the world. Africa and Asia.

"We have had the official representation of all the ambassadors of the United Nations, of the Vatican, among others," he added, without referring to the multiple diplomatic absences that were recorded in his act of investiture.

The American Republican Senator Marco Rubio issued a statement on the interview with the Venezuelan "dictator" Nicolás Maduro, in which he stressed that "the only thing that remains to be negotiated is its immediate exit from power".

"Maduro wants a meeting with President Trump to try to reverse the growing discontent he faces in the elite of his regime, he has repeatedly used the talks to gain time and consolidate his power," said Rubio .

The Senator of Cuban origin, as well as the journalist Salazar, who competed unsuccessfully for a representative position for Florida in the November 6 elections, said that he must leave power in such a way that "the legitimate government of Venezuela can start the reconstruction of the country, which Maduro has destroyed ".

Rubio believes that the legitimate government of Venezuela now falls to the National Assembly chaired by MP Juan Guaidó, who emerged from the democratic elections and is controlled by the opposition.

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