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Maduro invites Trump to dialogue

A.- In a message to Donald Trump, the President of the Republic, Nicolás MaduroHe said that the Venezuelan government is made up of "people with whom you can talk and negotiate".

This was expressed by the president in an interview broadcast by the network Univisión, in which he invited Trump to dialogue.

"I know we are very different people, President Trump, we are different countries, but we are in the same hemisphere (…) and sooner or later we are forced to speak, to understand each other", said Maduro in a fragment of the interview that he gave him. the journalist María Elvira Salazar in Venezuela and who was released on Thursday evening by the American television network.

"I wish there was an opportunity for direct, direct dialogue, so you can see that it's not what you're told in your relationships, that we're real and that we're people we can talk to, negotiate, understand and you consent to this, which would be the message I would like to convey to President Donald Trump, "he added.

The Venezuelan leader assumed a second six-year period of 10 years between the ignorance of the opposition and a part of the international community with the United States, the European Union and a dozen American countries, including Brazil and Argentina. at the head.

"I have a vision that you have inherited errors from previous administrations, including the Obama administration, mistakes in foreign policy towards Latin America, and that there is an" ideology of US foreign policy against Venezuela ", Maduro said in his Trump message during the interview.

In recent days, Washington has repeatedly given its "firm support" to the National Assembly, which has a majority of opposition, that the United States considers "the only legitimate democratic body" in Venezuela, in the words of the vice-president Mike Pence, who also ensures that he spoke with Juan Guaidó, president of the AN.

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