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Maduro invited Trump: I wish I could speak face to face

In an interview with Maduro's Univision channel, Venezuelan President Nicols sent a message of friendship to US President Donald Trump. As head of the government, he invited Trump to the table. He described himself as a person who could be discussed and negotiated with Trump.

"I hope to have an opportunity for open, direct, face to face dialogue"

"We know that we are very different people, President Trump and I are in different countries, but in the same hemisphere, after a while we will have to talk and understand each other". "He said.

Invitation to Pompey

Maduro, who pointed out that Trump was misinformed about Venezuela, said: gerçek So I can tell you what you are told in the reports you received and what really happened. Trump will be able to see that I am a person with whom he can talk, negotiate. This is the message I will send to President Trump. Bu Maduro also invited Pompey to Venezuela, using the words "All matters can be discussed" to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

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