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Maduro has approved the resources for the Venezuelan health system

A.- The president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, he led the 21st act of 214 specialists in the national health system, where he approved the resources for the Venezuelan health system.

"One of the most necessary things in the country is to perfect the national public health system," said the Head of the State of the Military Circle, Fuerte Tiuna, in Caracas.

Among the resources he approved during this graduation act, are:

56 million 679 thousand bolivar to cover the repair costs of the emergency air conditioning and intensive care system at the Antonio Patricio Alcalá Hospital in Cumaná.

639 million bolivars for the implementation of the Concerted Plan for the reduction of severe morbidity and maternal mortality, strengthening the maternal way through the humanized delivery plan.

152 thousand 322 euros for the repair and the start of the tomograph located in the military hospital Dr. Carlos Arvelo of Caracas.

64 thousand 538 million bolivars through the Fonden to complete the structural repair and expansion of the services of the Integral Diagnostic Center of Salvador Allende, in Chuao, Caracas.

80 million 390 thousand bolivar and 18 million 101 thousand dollars to reactivate the Quimbiotec blood products production plant.

"All graduates of this promotion will be incorporated as professors of the University of Health Sciences in each of his specializations, training to train! ", said the president of Fuerte Tiuna, Caracas.

"There is a great goal that we must meet in these 6 years: to reach 100,000 community doctors and 100,000, 50,000 specialists in all branches of health knowledge", he exhorted during his speech.

He added that "half of these doctors will hire as directors of 250 comprehensive diagnostic centers to continue to provide quality care for these health centers."

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