Maduro has announced a massive covid-19 vaccination for 2021


The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has reported that for the month of April 2021 a massive day of vaccinations against covid-19 will begin thanks to the acquisition of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V and cooperation agreements with other nations of the world .

The head of state reflected on the global media campaign that was conducted reporting on the effectiveness of Pfizer’s 90% vaccine to fight the coronavirus.

“There was a big campaign for a vaccine in the West, but there was a deadly silence when the Russian and Chinese comrades announced the efficacy tests of their vaccines,” said the head of state.

Maduro expressed his satisfaction with Pfizer’s vaccine, asking, “What about the remaining 10% effectiveness?”

He said that in the race for the vaccine against covid-19, people’s health must prevail and not the geopolitical game, referring to the high media coverage arranged for the advancement of the Pfizer laboratory vaccine.

He concluded his reflection on this point by citing what Donald Trump said about the emergence of the vaccine that caused all Western stock markets to close. “Pfizer launched its Coronavirus vaccine, even though Trump said there was a conspiracy against him to hide said vaccine,” he said.

“The Executive Vice President is working to ensure the Russian vaccine, the Chinese vaccine and the emerging vaccines to ensure the protection of our people in a free, safe and direct way,” he said.

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