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Lykke Exchange proud to support XRP with USD and BTC trading pairs

The XRP continued to receive a green signal all over the world. The adoption of XRP by an exchange of cryptocurrencies based in Switzerland, Lykke was another big announcement that was widely appreciated by the XRP community. Announced on October 30, 2018, Lykke Exchange launched XRP trading paired with USD and BTC with 0% commissions.

Although 2018 was a bad year for many companies that work with a cryptocurrency mechanism, but the results of XRP continue to flow very often. Lykke allows users to exchange XRP directly via the Lykke Wallet mobile application and the Web terminal.

Lykke is a semi-decentralized trading platform for virtual and fiat currencies. The exchange offers the trade of all possible resources – including Fiat in fiat, fiat in crypto and crypt in crypto. However, it offers zero commissions and commissions and has its own native token, called LKK. Although the exchange is not in the spotlight very often, it does provide various services including liquidity, insurance and advice to customers all over the world.

As for the announcement, Lykke was very excited to list XRP with USD and BTC pairs. In addition, the exchange was in talks with a possible partnership with Ripple's xRapid, but official confirmation has not yet been revealed.

In addition, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, XRP is now evaluating the total market capitalization of $ 15,277,542.846, earning 8.78% for 24 hours. As reported by ripplecoinnews, the most important cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance rolled XRP as a base currency on its platform by matching it to Tron (TRX) Zcoin (XCZ).

What do you think of the adoption of XRP in 2019? Will other cryptocurrency platforms consider adding XRP as a base currency on their platforms?

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