Lufthansa – bankruptcy scenario despite billions in aid: the airline slanders


Finally something to celebrate in these dark days, and Lufthansa had imagined it so beautifully: the inaugural flight from Munich for the opening of the Berlin airport, the brand new special plane, an A320 neo, nicknamed Zorro, due to of the black-rimmed, mask-like cockpit windows.

80 guests on board, Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr is in seat 1a, in the past there would have been champagne and salmon snacks after departure, now there is barely enough for chocolates and water, after all. Landing is supposed to be the show itself, the Lufthansa machine, nicknamed November Zulu, landing at the same time as an Easyjet machine on parallel runways.

But it is very cloudy. Easyjet lands four minutes before Lufthansa. Spohr swears softly. In the Crown era, when in doubt, things always go worse than hoped.

The numbers are scary

The situation seemed to have shaken again in the summer: the state saved Lufthansa, threatened by the consequences of the crown, with nine billion euros and became the largest shareholder. A diehard billionaire had just boarded (with a three-digit million) at Lufthansa and, after an initial outcry, finally backed the bailout. Somehow we would have flown out of the crisis together.

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