Love storm: marriage threatens to break out – twin brother rushes to help


Franzi Krummbiegl and Tim Saalfeld’s dream wedding “Storm of Love” is imminent. But now the ARD festival threatens to fall into the water at the last moment.

Monk – What’s worth waiting for. After the love between Tim Saalfeld, the man of dreams at the Fürstenhof is Franzi Krummbiegl the two turtle doves “Sturm der Liebe” have finally found each other. After that Tim his Franzi almost forever Steffen Baumgartner (played by Christopher Reinhardt, 30) had lost, one thing has become clear to him: he can no longer hide his feelings.

Gradually they got closer Tim is Franzi closer until the The man of dreams from the Fürstenhof He took a heart, he knelt in front of his beloved and her Marriage proposal done. But which one would be Dream Wedding “Storm of Love” without chaos? And so it threatens wedding Fall into the water at the last moment. has the details.

Soap opera: love storm
First transmission: September 26, 2005
Years): since 2005
Manufacturing company: Bavaria Fiction
Production: Bea Schmidt; Julia Bachmann
Titled Stay

Storm of Love (ARD): Forest engagement – Tim, the man of dreams from the Fürstenhof, proposes to his Franzi

The time has finally come – Tim Saalfeld, the man of dreams at the Fürstenhof (played by Florian Frowein, 32) plays his beloved Franzi Krummbiegl (played by Léa Wegmann, 30) one Request, it couldn’t be more romantic. After that Franzi first falls into the water in front of Lucy’s eyes and then her motorcycle gives up the ghost at the worst possible moment, fans of “Sturm der Liebe” were almost certain that in the 16th season ARD he is no longer married. Swing at the last moment Franzi but still in the saddle and riding towards the horse Nero Timwho kneels before her in the middle of the woods and asks for her hand, including a red carpet and many red roses.

Franzi and Tim’s dream wedding “Storm of Love” threatens to fall into the water (

© Christof Arnold / ARD

So the beauty Engagement in the forest probably one of the most romantic moments in the world 16. “Storm of Love” Season count.

Sturm der Liebe (ARD): Groom Tim has been kidnapped – is the wedding in danger of falling into the water?

Now they leave him “Love storm”-Maker first information on Dream wedding I’m Fürstenhof in Bichlheim leak out. Because what could be better than a sumptuous party to greet the 16. “Storm of Love” Season to take and a new era, a new loving couple and the 17th season the popular ARDTo play in a soap opera?

In Episode 3513 (TV broadcast December 16) the two lovebirds want each other Tim Saalfeld is Franzi Krummbiegl finally that Yes, word and “the bridal party eagerly awaits the arrival of the bride in the chapel”.

But what would that be ARD– Soap work without a bit of chaos and one or the other obstacle that the Dream couple Fürstenhof roll on the road? Shortly after the romantic Engagement from Tim Saalfeld is Franzi Krummbiegl Bichlheim’s dream man is drugged and kidnapped by shady boys. The reason for the brutal kidnapping: a lot of money. Because his father, Christoph Saalfeld (played by Dieter Bach, 56), must be a huge pole ransom Flip to free your son from the clutches of the authors.

Storm of Love (ARD): Chaos on the wedding day – twin brother Boris rushes to help

This is probably the best day of your life Dream couple “Storm of Love” wrong, what can only go wrong. Until the last second it is not clear whether Tim Saalfeld in time for wedding creates. Because the day of wedding try an old family ritual for his future wife Krummbiegls in which the groom has to dip a lace handkerchief in the water of a specific spring. Desperately wrong Tim of Bichlheim, hence that twin brother Boris (also played by Florian Frowein) for Tim Saalfeld must intervene when trying on the habit and during the interview with the parish priest. If his future wife Franzi does the roast smell?

One can at least hope so Franzi is Tim brave all the “love storm” stress, say yes and just before Christmas can rush into their well-deserved honeymoon. It would be a festival!

Title list image: © Christof Arnold / ARD

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