Look back at the most Hyped cryptocurrency token of September 2018

Look back at the most Hyped cryptocurrency token of September 2018

The performance of the cryptography market was horrible for the better part of 2018. However, some digital currencies have become more popular as investors seek ways to improve their values ​​in the future.

4 Most of the cryptocurrency token of September 2018

The following are the four more discussed cryptocurrencies in September, along with the reasons for the clamor.

Ripple (XRP)

The impressive performance of XRP in its first year was accompanied by bullish forecasts for its future. In December, the currency has grown up to 33% a day. This made investors sure that XRP would represent a serious competition for the more established cryptographers like Bitcoin.

As the mouse passed, the fortunes turned into XRP, causing a significant drop in value. In September 2018, the currency recovered once again. Surprisingly, its value increased by as much as 50% in a single day, exceeding the threshold of $ 0.50 for the first time since May. The ascent was pushed by the imminent launch of the xRapid solution which was then introduced. The role of XRapid is to make banking transactions faster by integrating XRP. The inauguration of xRapid has undoubtedly rekindled the interest in XRP among the members of the crypto community.

Tron (TRX)

The discussions concerning TRX in September mainly concerned its future, rather than its value and its performance. At that time, the currency was going through a difficult period, with a decline of 59% in just three months. Of course, many encrypted investors have worried about its future.

The numerous announcements of the Tron development team also contributed to the increase in advertising. Last month, Tron's team revealed that he was working on several projects, including the creation of BitGuild, the first game ever created on Tron's blockchain.

Ethereum (ETH)

The second largest cryptocurrency by stock market capitalization was also discussed considerably in the last month. Apparently, the encrypted hobbyists are talking about how Ethereum is at risk of being ousted from his second position by other altcoins.

Throughout 2018, downsizing has been one of the biggest challenges for the Ethereum network. In addition, ICOs are abandoning their holdings in ETH in favor of other business ventures. As a result, Ripple is almost outstripping Ethereum in the crypto ranking.

Stellar (XLM)

The announcement of the imminent launch of the StellarX crypto exchange platform has attracted much interest around Stellar Lumens (XLM). In fact, most experts predicted that Stellar's price would reach $ 1 before December, mainly due to the launch of the trading platform.

Since Stellar (XLM) is the native virtual currency of the StellarX exchange, it is expected to increase trading volumes, a factor that would bring the price to $ 1. Furthermore, the potential stability of the value of XLM is particularly attractive for banks. . If banks were to use XLM for cross-border payments, its price would increase, as would its mass adoption.

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