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LIVE VIDEO FC U Craiova 1948 – SCM Gloria Buzău 0-0. The match can be seen HERE by RCS and RDS subscribers

Min. 47: Craiova opportunity. After a cross from the corner, the ball reached Claudiu Bălan, who sent it over the goal, on Nedelea’s mark.

During the interval, U Craiova 1948 – Gloria Buzau 0-0.

Min. 36: Gloria Buzau opportunity. Ciprian Petre crosses, Balgiu heads wide, but Robert Popa rejects from the bottom of the crossbar.

Min. 31: Craiova opportunity. Claudiu Bălan’s pass leaves Radu Negru alone with Stoian, but Buzau’s keeper intervenes excellently.

Min. 15: Gloria Buzau Bar. Tucaliuc takes a direct free kick, but the shot goes wide.

Min. 5: Craiova opportunity. Claudiu Bălan shoots from the edge of the area, but Stoian takes it.

Min. 1: The game begins.

FC U Craiova 1948: Popa – Huyghebeart, Diallo, Gugu, Paramatii- Anghelina, Negru, Albu, Baeten – Bălan, Răducanu
SCM Gloria Buzău: Stoian – Pîrvulescu, Ioniță, Toma, Nedelea – Balgiu, Pațurcă – Ciobanu, Tucaliuc, Petre – Chică Roșă

LIVE VIDEO Rapid – Farul 2-1:

Min. 90 + 6THE FINAL! Fast – Faro 2-1.

VIDEO with the summary of the Rapid – Farul match

Min. 83 – GOOOL RAPID: 2-1, SEFER! The Giuleşti midfielder shot, from the first, from the edge of the area 16 meters, from Hlistei’s back pass, and the ball, deflected, reached the net.

Min. 77 – FARO GOOOL: 1-1, DEAR! The attacker resumes his head from 6 meters, after a corner from the left

Min. 76 – DOUBLE chance Faro! The ball hit the crossbar first, returned to the field, then hit the crossbar to the right of the goal.

Min. 57 – FAST GOAL: 1-0, HLISTEI! The Giuleşti midfielder scored, without emotion, from the point with the lime

Min. 55 – THE LIGHTHOUSE IS LEFT IN 10! BĂJAN has been eliminated! He received the red directly

Min. 55 – FAST PENALTY! Hlistei was pulled out by Băjan, but guests complained that it was not a foul. Ciprian Marica was a disappointment, however

46 min. – The second half has begun.

Min. 45 + 1 – Break

Min. 31 – FARO BAR! Măzărache shoots from the edge of the area by 16 meters, on the long corner, Drăghia blocks, but the ball hits the crossbar on the left of the goal, then goes out for a corner.

Min. 1 – The game has started!

UPDATE Time 13:44. Home teams

Quick: Drăghia – Leasă, Dandea, Nastos, Finica – R. Lazăr, Jorza – Sefer, Pănoiu, Hlistei – Ad. Balan
Reserves: Ciuculescu – R. Crișan, Catrici, Mocioacă, R. Costin, D. Benzar, Ghineț, Drăghiceanu, Țîră
Coach: Mihai Iosif

Constance lighthouse: Dur-Bozoancă – Băjan, M. Leca, I. Ursu, D. Panait – Fl. Bălan, Cărăruș, Bîrnoi, Al. Stoica – Măzărache, Banyoi
Reservations: Fara – Șt. Rus, Greu, Hordouan, Carabela, D. Ciolacu, Rob. Silaghi
Coach: Ianis Zicu

League 2, Phase 12. Program, results and markers

Saturday 14 November 2020:

Pandurii Târgu Jiu’s future – Pandurii Târgu Jiu 4-3
They scored: D. Paraschiv 8 penalties and 32, Bădăuță 12, D. Buia 90 + 4 / Acosta 42, Vaida 64, Dodoi 71

Common Recea – Union of Slobozia 2-0
They scored: Văsălie 23, Luboya 75

CSM Slatina – Metaloglobus 1-0
Marked: V. Gheorghe 69

CSM Resita – University of Cluj 2-1
They scored: Adrian Ilie 16, Danci 74 / A. Pop 85

Sunday 15 November 2020:

Csikszereda – Concordia Chiajna 1-0
Marked: Slide 43

Quick – Constanţa Lighthouse 2-1
They scored: Hlistei 57, expedition 83 / Măzărache 77

FC U Craiova 1948 – SCM Gloria Buzau – 19:00, Digi Sport 1

Monday 16 November 2020

Petrolul 52 – Aerostar Bacău – 19:30, Digi Sport 1

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Calarasi Danube – Turris-Oltul T. Magurele – time 14:00

Think back Timişoara – Mioveni – time 14:00

Summary of CSM Reșița – University of Cluj 2-1

90 + 4 minutes: The match at the Mircea Chivu stadium ended with the home team winning 2-1. CSM Reșița obtained their first win of the season on their own field, while “Șepcile Roșii” recorded their first failure after two months.

Minute 85: GOOOOL University of Cluj! Alexandru Pop reduces the difference with absolutely superb execution from outside the box.

Minute 74: GOOOAAAL – CSM Resita! Cristian Danci double the advantage of the hosts with a superb shot from the edge of the area.

Minute 64: A new chance for Cluj to restore equality. Ribeiro Hora’s header is sensationally saved by Cobrea.

Minute 46: The center whistles to start the second half.

Minute 45 + 1: The first half ends.

Minute 37: Great opportunity University of Cluj! On the corner of the Transylvanians, Luchin takes his head over the goal, from an excellent position.

Minute 17: GOOOAAAL – CSM Resita! Adrian Ionuț Ilie (18) opens the scoring with a header near the goal defended by Vâtcă.

Minute 1: CSM Reșița – University of Cluj starts the match.

Home teams:

  • CSM Resita: Cobrea – Szijj, Dudea, Dumitraș, Acka – Danci, Breșneni – Dat, Ilie, Buș – Astafei. reserves: Zimmermann, Ciobanu, Vasiu, Rașoveanu, Popescu, Chera, Brânzan, Matulevicius, Bagherea
  • Univ. Cluj: Vâtcă – Rus, Tamaș, Luchin, Neciu – Novac, Telcean, Barbu – Maneran, Goga, Ștefănescu. reserves: Muțiu, Pop, Taub, Ferreira, Negrean, Filip, Mureșan, Hora, Moraru

CSM Resita ended a streak of five games without a win in the previous round. The debut of Alin Minteuan it was perfect, Caraş-Severin’s team beat Concordia Chiajna, scoring 1-0, and climbed to 16th place in the standings, with 11 points.

University of Cluj has been undefeated since Costel Enache took the bench. Four wins and two draws have been achieved by “Șepcile Roșii” in the last six League 2 games, plus two wins in the Romanian Cup. The Transylvanians occupy the sixth position, with 17 points, after nine games played.

LIVE VIDEO CSM Reșița – University of Cluj, 14:30, on Digi Sport 1. Direct clashes

Resita scored four points in the two comparisons with the Univ. Cluj, from the previous season. They won on their own court, scoring 2-0 and finishing in a 1-1 draw at the Cluj Arena. This season, CSM Reșița have only achieved one win on their field, one draw and three defeats. The team from Cluj has only one away defeat, with Gloria Buzău, and is aiming for a third consecutive success.

The complete program of stage 12 of League 2

Saturday, 14.11.2020

  • The future P. Târgu Jiu – Pandurii Târgu Jiu 4-3
  • Municipality Recea – Unirea Slobozia 2-0
  • Slatina – Metaloglobus 1-0
  • CSM Resita – University of Cluj 2-1

Sunday, 15.11.2020

  • Csikszereda – Concordia Chiajna – 11:00
  • Rapid – Farul Constanţa 1920-14: 30, Digi Sport 1
  • U Craiova 1948 – SCM Gloria Buzău – 19:00, Digi Sport 1

Monday, 16.11.2020

  • Petrolul 52 – Aerostar Bacău – 19:30, Digi Sport 1

Wednesday, 02.12.20202

  • Călăraşi Danube – Turris-Oltul T. Măgurele – 14:00
  • Think back Timişoara – Mioveni – 14:00

League 2 standings, after 11 rounds

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