LiteIM presents Litecoin (LTC) payments through 2 billion Facebook Messenger users

LiteIM presents Litecoin (LTC) payments through 2 billion Facebook Messenger users

In recent years, the cryptocurrency community has pushed for mass adoption with little success in the financial transaction scene. Now with the progress set to be introduced by LiteIM we could be a step towards understanding the desired cryptocurrency.

LiteIM, a Litecoin wallet that connects Telegram and SMS is set to add Facebook Messenger to the list of platforms offering LTC transactions. The Litecoin community has shown great pleasure with LiteIM's CTO, Michael Rodriguez, making known the sheer expansion that comes with the Facebook partnership.

In a statement he said:

"It's pretty huge, like the first crypt on Facebook, or Litecoin, that opens the door to a user base of about 2 billion people, all over the world! It's only for us to start as we have big projects in store ".

The CTO spoke this year at the Litecoin Summit in San Francisco, where it also noted how easy it would be for users to send their LTC in the future.

He commented on the audience,

"The main thing is to bring LTC to people who try to access them with ordinary means as we do.Our ecosystem will enable banking empowerment around the world by connecting every network, including phone numbers via SMS and USSD and people. with limited access to technology or the Internet Instead of having to know the Litecoin address of someone who is bulky, you can send it to someone with just your phone number or e-mail address in mind. "

The outcome of the collaboration

Potentially, LiteIM is the first successful cryptographic portfolio to get approval from Facebook to land on their Messenger app. As such, LiteIM could be open to serving and expanding Litecoin payments on a large and almost impossible scale. Until now there are no cryptocurrency transactions through Facebook or social media, and the situation could change courtesy of the new LiteIM service.

On the surface, it will keep users in check with their balances and transactions through invoices available later developments. The technical side of things will affect the password and the protection of the user's identity to guarantee first and foremost a reliable service.

What does it mean

The Lite.IM portfolio already allows Telegram users and SMS-enabled versions to exchange LTCs with the goal of improving awareness and adoption of cryptography. The new Messenger service could also serve to build Facebook's reputation for cryptocurrencies with the recent banning of ads related to the sector. Probably in the coming months, the perception of the general public will become evident and will indicate how LiteIM is received. Overall, this is a positive sign for the crypto industry and social media platforms.

About LiteIM

LiteIM is a blockchain startup of Zulu Republic that combines a centralized platform like interoperability and a user-centric portfolio to bring expansion and access to cryptocurrency. Zulu Republic, the proactive company behind the portfolio, is a Swiss encrypted company that provides LiteIM users with the ability to interact with Litecoin's services through text commands under their available backend API system.

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