Litecoin rallies more than 8% while other cryptocurrencies are bleeding


Ethereum, which has increased a lot in the last few days, has fallen by around 3% in the last 24 hours. However, litecoin, the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world, has gathered over eight percent.

Cryptographic markets have remained fairly stable over the last 24 hours. This is no less demonstrated on the market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies, which is still around $ 132 billion.

Currently, about 64 of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies show red numbers.

Litecoin meetings

Most of the large cryptocurrencies have decreased in the last 24 hours. Those who lost more were ethereum (-3.01%) and bitcoin money (-1.68%), but also bitcoin (-0.37%) and eos (-0.60%) shows red numbers.

In particular, litecoin (+ 8.63%), the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world, has increased a lot in price. Litecoin has appeared much in the media lately, partly because it recently became the first cryptocurrency to sponsor the MMA UFC 232 event, writes AMB Crypto.

Bitcoin unchanged

The bitcoin is currently trading around $ 3,854, which is about nine dollars less than yesterday.

The cryptocurrencies of the first 100 who gave their best in the last 24 hours were odem (+ 38.30%) and repurchase agreements (+ 16,84%), and those who have done the worst have been mobilego (-14.01%) and dentacoin (-7.15%).

Well: Price: % (24 hours) *
Bitcoin $ 3 854.45 -0.37%
Ethereum $ 152.99 -3.01%
XRP $ 0.357345 -0.16%
Bitcoin cash $ 160.67 -1.68%
Eos $ 2.72 -0.60%

* All numbers in this article are from

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