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Litecoin price list $ LTC: slightly bearish – allcoinsnews.com

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29 December 2018 10:36 UTC

Action price

The price of $ LTC has increased over twenty-four hours. The last price at the time of printing is 31.45 USDT. In Binance moderate to heavy volume trading, the daily variation is 10.66%, or 3.03 USDT:

$ Changing the LTC price
period % USDT
24 hours 10.66 3:03
7 days 00:51 00:16
1 month -7.23 -2.45



the trend is MIXED

[Latendenzaè"mixed"quandoil[Trendis"mixed"whenthe[Latendenzaè”mista”quandoil[Trendis”mixed”whentheweekly the price movement contains both daily green and red candles, the price movement up or down is significant and is not clear weekly price direction.]

Depth of the market in real time

The depth of the market in real time is slightly lower.

[The real time market depth is a fractional representation of the order book, used to assist in determining market direction.]


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A bitcoin peak has raised Litecoin today. $ LTC started at $ 28.41 at seven in the morning. Five hours later he reached a maximum of $ 33.08. The difference was $ 4.67. The price went largely sideways after the initial lift.

The last price, in a red candle, has surpassed the intraday support level of more than $ 31.12, and seems to be heading south.


Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

The MACD on the chart at one hour is bearish. The charts at two, four and six hours are bullish, while those at an hour and twelve hours are bearish. It's a mixed bag.

[MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator]

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA)

period average
7 days 31.67
25 days 31.01
99 days 30.34

The EMA results are based on the chart at an hour, displayed.

Twenty-three hours ago we saw a low-angle bullish cross above the mid-term EMA (25) in the chart at an hour. The short-term EMA (7) exceeded the long-term EMA (99) and continued to rise. Overall this has been bullish, however the indicator is currently in sharp decline, a bearish state.

[EMA is a type of moving average that weights recent price fluctuations more, yielding a better short term signal]

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The Relative Resistance Index on the chart at an hour is 51.6. This is a neutral state.

[RSI is is a momentum indicator that measures the magnitude of recent price fluctuations to determine an overbought or oversold state]

Bitcoin price modifier $ BTC

The 24-hour change in Bitcoin $ BTC is 6.87%. This can exercise a neutral influence on Litecoin today.

[The bitcoin price modifier reflects the historical correlation between the price of $BTC and altcoins]

Litecoin $ LTC Price Outlook

slightly bearish
  • the price perspective of Litecoin $ LTC is slightly lower
  • if the price finds acceptance at higher levels, the higher resistance is printed at 32.00
  • if the price is accepted at lower levels, the main support is printed at 31.00

Resistance levels: 32.00 33.08

Support levels: 31.00 27.17 23.50

Invalidation: this perspective is no longer valid if the activity took place outside the resistance or support levels or outside the duration of short-term analysis.

Duration of analysis: four hours

This ratio is for a short duration of four hours. The analysis is time sensitive.

[Analysis duration yields a “best before date”, calculated from report generation at December 29 2018 10:36 UTC.]

Independent comparison

Comparing our perspectives with independent and automated results from Investing.com:

Asset: Litecoin $ LTC

Period: 5 hours

Summary: strong purchase

Moving averages: strong purchase

Technical indicators: strong purchase


The author does not hold Litecoin $ LTC at the time of writing.

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