Litecoin price analysis In the long run, should you invest?


The bulls protected the basic support level for $ 6,075.04 for two days. Despite the fact that this is a positive sign, a more honest retreat would have given us a more remarkable certainty that the bulls are buying by force on these levels. Since the recovery was weak, we should depend on different signs to anticipate the following plausible entry on Bitcoin.

  BTCUSD price chart August 11

BTCUSD price chart August 11

Moving average points are almost ending hybrid, which is a negative sign. Then again, the RSI is close to the oversold domain, which shows that the offer has been over-compensated and a pullback is likely.

Each pullback will face a hardened resistance to the bearish line of the precipitous triangle and then to the moving midpoints. Virtual money will indicate the primary rise once it has exceeded $ 7,200.

There is a likelihood that the BTC / USD game will remain tied to somewhere between $ 6,000 and $ 8,500. We came to this conclusion in light of the fact that the base – about $ 6,000 – and the best – about $ 8,500 – has been held twice since May of this year. In this way, powerful brokers can enter long positions at $ 6,800 with stops below $ 5,900 and predict that a rally will reach $ 8,500. This is a dangerous trade because we are skipping the weapon, so we recommend using only 30 percent of the typical distribution. Positions can be included after the price has exceeded $ 7,200.

Our prospect of the development of a range will be refuted if bears sink prices below $ 5,900. Under such conditions, the downward trend can reach the following support levels at $ 5.400 and $ 5,000.

Ethereum is attempting to skip the basic support at $ 358. On August 8, the $ 346.35 crash was the lowest level since November 19, a year ago. The withdrawal on August 9th was irrelevant as the price retreated from $ 370.39.

  ETHUSD Price Chart August 11

ETHUSD Price Chart Aug. 11

In case bears drive prices below $ 346, the fall may extend to $ 280. Despite the fact that the RSI is finite d & # 39; now in the oversold region, we are not sure of a ricochet again on the grounds that, in the last fall of the deceased Walk of this current year, the RSI had progressed towards a deep oversold before it occurred a recovery.

We will become positive for the ETH / USD combination once supported on the 50-day SMA. Until then, we recommend that traders remain on the sidelines.

The ripple fell to $ 0.32 on August 8, just below our proposed target of $ 0.32862. In case this level breaks further, the following stop is at $ 0.24001.

  XRPUSD Price Chart August 11

XRPUSD Price Chart August 11

Although the RSI is in a deeply oversold domain, the weak attempt to retreat on August 9 shows that buyers are in no hurry to buy money cryptographic.

We will sit tight for the XRP / USD game to frame a bullish example before becoming positive about it. The main indication of strength will be the point where the price is kept above the 50-day SMA.

Bitcoin Cash has reached a new low since the beginning of the year on August 8 when it fell to $ 564.9304. The withdrawal effort on August 9th faced a barricade of $ 619.7510.

  BCHUSD price chart August 11

BCHUSD price chart August 11

The BCH / USD combine can now retest support at $ 537.8221, which is the lowest intraday made on November 8th of a year ago. This is a noteworthy medium; from now on, we expect a solid purchase in the area of ​​$ 537.8221 – $ 619.7510. The pair will take power if the price supports over $ 620.

Then again, if the bears break below $ 537.8221, the coin can fall to $ 400.

After a frantic abandonment effort on August 9th, EOS he is probably going to extend his downward move to the following support zone of $ 3.8723 – $ 4.3396.

  EOSUSD Price Chart August 11

EOSUSD Price Chart August 11

We like that the EOS / USD game is still valid for its current year-minimums. The oversold levels on the RSI indicate a plausible rebound from the area somewhere in the range of $ 3.8723 and $ 4.3396. We sit tight to bring out a solid weight before prescribing any purchase on the combine.

Our bullish vision will be discredited if the bears break and stand under $ 3,88723.

Litecoin recalled the distance to the levels observed the last time in mid-November a year ago. This is a negative sign.

  LTCUSD Price Chart August 11

LTCUSD Price Chart Aug. 11

An effort to move back on August 9th has failed at $ 65 and at this time the bears are trying to lengthen the decay for the following focus of $ 57.

Between the end of September and the beginning of November a year ago, the LTC / USD continued to find support near the $ 48- $ 52 zone. Along this line, we expect this area will go on as a solid support during the ongoing autumn.

Each retreat will meet firm resistance to the 20-day EMA and to $ 74,074. We sit tight to change the pattern before proposing any long position on it.

The withdrawal effort on 9 August could not scale the line by $ 0.13. The solid support passed now will go on as a solid resistance. Except if Cardano exceeds $ 0.13 quickly, it is in danger of dividing $ 0.111843.

  ADAUSD Price Chart August 11

ADAUSD Price Chart August 11

Below $ 0.111843, the following eye level is $ 0.078215. Any fall below this level will push the ADA / USD game into an unexplored domain, which is a bearish signal.

We will become positive on cryptographic money after it has stopped, stopping the downtrend line and climbing above $ 0.15.

Stellar rebounded on time on 9 August, which is a positive sign.

  XLMUSD Price Chart August 11

XLMUSD Price Chart August 11

The $ 0.184 level is one to look for on the disadvantage since it held from December a year ago. Despite the fact that it was broken in a couple of events, the bears failed to keep prices below $ 0.184. Later, we expect the media will also hold this time.

In the remote possibility that, in opposition to our desire, the digital currency keeps less than $ 0.184, it will end with the negative and will drop to $ 0.09. Since we are typically bullish on the XLM / USD combine, we can recommend a purchase once it keeps the midpoints moving.

The oversold level on CSR has neglected to attract buyers. The particle continues to look fragile on the charts, with a plausible drop at the sample focus of $ 0.5721. In the event that this level also stops, the following stop can be at $ 0.5 – $ 0.52.

  IOTAUSD Price Chart August 11

IOTAUSD Price Chart August 11

Surely, a level of oversold on CSR has led to a retreat. In the last two events in which the RSI was close to oversold levels, the Particle / USD game remained in a gap for a couple of days before going up.

In this way, if the bulls look at one of the previously mentioned support levels, the game may attempt a pullback. Any recovery effort will have to face solid resistance to the past solid support of $ 0.9150. We sit tight for a bullish example to create before recommending long positions.

Tron is trying to skip the basic support for $ 0.022806. Despite the fact that the bulls have safeguarded the support for up to two days, they have neglected to make an important withdrawal.

  TRXUSD Price Chart August 11

TRXUSD Price Chart August 11

Bears now try to disrupt support at $ 0.022806. In case it is profitable, the TRX / USD combination would be largely negative. The lower levels to watch out for are $ 0.018297 and $ 0.01095383. Be that as it may, both are not exceptionally solid levels of support, from now on, it is difficult to predict where buyers will advance.

Our downward view will be discredited if the bulls will buy the dip below $ 0.022806 and push prices above $ 0.02801344. Long positions should stay away from the point where prices are balanced.

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