Litecoin (LTC) Top Performer, adds 23.7%


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An Estonian digital exchange is making headlines for good reasons. The company, despite being outside the United States, allows foreign investors to trade stock derivatives of Facebook, Tesla and eight other companies listed on the NASDAQ 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when the markets are closed. And what's more, they do not need permission from US regulators as they are already a regulated entity in their jurisdiction.

In an email interview with Bloomberg, CEO of DX. The exchange, Daniel Skowronski, said:

"We have seen a huge market opportunity in the management of existing securities, and we believe that this is the beginning of the merger of the traditional market with blockchain technology, which will open up a whole new world of trading old and new stocks at the same way. "

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Stable derivatives of token derivatives will be supported on a 1: 1 scale with real securities held by MPS Market Place Securities – compliant with Cyprus regulatory authorities – and powered by the matching class engine of the NASDAQ based on the Ethereum blockchain. Participants would have the right to collect the dividends of the underlying shares, trade for free and support the platform among the other Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum coins. Furthermore, Dx.Exchange with offices in Israel and Estonia has large listing plans for shares listed on the Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

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Perhaps this support is at the base of the resurgence while LTC rises to 23.7 percent last week with Bitcoin SV and Tether in seventh place. At spot prices, it is $ 50 million to replace Stellar Lumens as the seventh most valuable coin in space.

Litecoin watch (LTC)


Adding 7.2 percent in the last day, LTC trades above the main resistance and buys the trigger line at $ 35. This is bullish and since our last review of the altcoin prices, our LTC / USD trading conditions have been met.

Note that the increase in this push is higher than the average of the volumes – 459,000 against 223,000 and after having touched the rocky bottom in 2018, this awakening could be the foundation of a wave of higher highs that it gave the way to an inversion. In this case, our Litecoin (LTC) business plan will be as follows:

Buy: spot

Stop: $ 30

Target: $ 50

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Watch

Stellar lumens

Obviously, the path of least resistance is towards the south. As visible from the daily chart, XLM is literally struggling with sellers. Even if the recent rebound of 8 cents could push prices above 15 cents, sellers are firmly in control and the liquidation of 15 cents could fuel the next wave of lower lows in a phase of recovery of the trend.

From our chart, our latest XLM / USD trading plan is valid and as long as prices stabilize along the 7 cents range with 15 cents caps, we will maintain a bullish prospect while waiting for the XLM to recover and rise with the visible bullish wave in the space .

To reiterate, breakages above 15 cents will trigger the next wave of higher highs towards 30 cents. Ideally, these gains should be at the back of above-average volumes.

Assuming that there are satisfactory pressures above 40 cents, this will be our Stellar Lumens short-term business plan:

Buy: 15 cents

Stop: 11 cents – 28th December

Objective: 30 cents

All charts have been kindly granted by Trading View-Bittrex and CoinBase

This is not an investment tip. Do your research.

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