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Litecoin LTC's price approaches $ 70 USD before the San Francisco summit and other developments

Litecoin's San Francisco summit is just weeks away and analysts expect to catalyze the growth of Litecoin ( LTC) in the short term. The currency has already seen a price hike of up to a month of over $ 65, slowly approaching the $ 70 figure. The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, suggested that the main concept they expect to push users during the summit is the idea of ​​the Lightning network and side chains that offer better scalability features for Bitcoin. Speakers scheduled for the summit include Bitcoin and Lightning developer Alex Bosworth, who should speak of swap as a scalability solution.

Summit of San Francisco of the LTC

To promote participation in the summit and the interest for cryptocurrency among young people, Litecoin announced that it would give free passes to students for the second day of the summit . "442_travel and Travelbybit " also give free passes for participants who book their travels through them and pay with Litecoin. According to Travelbybit, Litecoin is the second most used cryptocurrency at the Brisbane airport at 26.87%, beaten only by Bitcoin which represents 41.79%.

  Litecoin LTC

Abra, a mobile start-up focused alternative to Coinbase has listed Litecoin among 25 cryptocurrencies to benefit from its fiat-to-crypto support. Initially, the function will be available to residents in 28 Single Euro Payments Area allowing them to directly deposit fiat in the application making it very easy to purchase quoted cryptocurrencies. Ready from cryptocurrency to fiat will be made available soon

CasaHODL is working in support of Litecoin in line with its goal to provide routers equipped with Lightning Network for routing data and payments and with the ability to earn money from users through the LN tax transaction. CasaHODL has announced the Lightning House node, which describes how the easiest way to use Lightning today. The Lightning home knot integrates the Lightning experience with a deep key management and security skills to be able to work anywhere. The device that is preassembled offers full control to the user, is easy to configure and has been pre-synchronized with Bitcoin for easy activation. It also allows users to access the Lightning Network features available only for complete nodes like; the possibility to make and receive payments, the opening and closing of customized channels with other nodes and the increase of liquidity with liquidity with the management of the Autopilot channels.

Merchants currently accepting Litecoin for payment include BITCOINSHOP, COINPLAY, CRYPTOTHRIFT, BTCTRIP, BITROAD and ALL THINGS LUXURY among others. By maintaining full compatibility with the Bitcoin API, Litecoin is very easy to integrate into existing applications that already offer Bitcoin support. The coins are available for purchase from a series of major exchanges including Binance, Gdax, Btc China, Shapeshift.Io and Bitfinex among others.

Litecoin is currently ranked 7 th with a market capitalization of 3.7 USD billion making it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. Currency activity has also improved with volumes traded almost 100% in the last 20 days at around $ 363 million in the last 24 hours.

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