Litecoin [LTC] technical analysis and forecast prices 2018, 2020

  Litecoin [LTC] technical analysis and price forecast 2018, 2020 21706

Today, positive news has spread to the encrypted market as the market has seen a sea of ​​green. Litecoin prices [LTC] recovered and resumed a stable uptrend. prices show a short consolidation phase at the time of writing this article.

LTC prices have found support for $ 57,188 and show an expressed pressure from the seller and the buyer. Prices are currently trading at $ 57.665 and are losing against USD 0.40%. Prices are well above the 100 EMA line at $ 56.97. The MACD represents a bullish momentum for prices. Prices have erupted twice with respect to the current resistance level, which is $ 57,784, but sellers' pressure seems to suppress prices

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Currently an LTC is equal to 0.00857834 BTC and is losing against BTC of 0.94%.

Litecoin Price Predictions 2018, 2020

According to Smartereum, many in the crypto community believe that the crypt could potentially close the year at around $ 600 approximately. Turning to a forecast of, the price of the currency could go up to $ 1,000 within this year. predicted that the digital asset could reach $ 3,500 by 2020 while expects virtual currency to be in the range of $ 780- $ 1,374 in 2020.

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