Litecoin [LTC] sees zero activities and developments since April 2018; leave users confused


A recent GitHub poll revealed that Litecoin had absolutely no code developments or repository updates in the last four months. At the same time, other important currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS have seen constant development activities in the GitHub indices, with EOS in particular during the month of July.

According to the GitHub rankings, all Litecoin activities in the code repository had stopped in April. On April 2018 saw Litecoin cooperate with Coinbase's Visa Shift debit card. The Shift Visa card works like a regular debit card when it is connected to existing user accounts, allowing you to spend immediately and directly in any place that accepts VISA with immediate notifications.

Some online users have theorized that this could be due to a "bear run break developer" where developers are grossing their pre-obtained profits. Reports suggest that the Litecoin developer community is holding its breath for the first annual Litecoin summit to be held on 14 and 15 September.

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, had stated:

"We are very excited to bring this amazing training and community under one roof." There was much to be done in the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency in the last year and there is no better group of people to explore current and future events.We are also excited to be able to bring together the Litecoin community. "

Litecoin has also been given an extra boost when Tulsi Gabbard, a representative of the US state revealed in his financial statement that he had invested up to $ 15,000 in each, Ethereum and Litecoin in December 2017. MP Tulsi Gabbard serves the 2nd district of Hawaii and was the youngest person to be elected in the legislature of the State of Hawaii.

One of the main developments of Litecoin that had aroused the community of cryptocurrencies was the launch of is a project by Zulu Republic, which makes payments via SMS available to the Litecoin community. Anyone with a basic cell phone can use this Litecoin service, as indicated in the blog. This makes it possible for Litecoin to appeal to a much wider audience than before. The service is currently available via SMS or Telegram messages.

Publish the revelation of GitHub, several users have commented on the ad thread.

Nullrecord, a Reddit user said:

"Why change perfection?"

Reddit user, stated bitkush:

"Litecoin is a shit coin, you have Bitcoin and Nano." Litecoin is useless "

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