Litecoin (LTC) renews its Web site to reach a wider audience

Litecoin ( LTC ) has officially renewed its website, as part of an effort to reach a wider audience of users, including individual investors , developers and companies.

According to the accompanying announcement the Litecoin team worked to simplify the website, which aim to make the first page of the growing ecosystem of the project.

Design has taken a much cleaner, flatlay and minimalist approach, since is more a canvas for content, so the structure was very important when considering future growth and site listings.

In particular, Litecoin will also offer more expansive advertising options and even plans to build a news section covering the developments of Litecoin and the broader cryptocurrency industry.

week after Charlie Lee the founder of Litecoin, revealed who was considering adding privacy features to bring true fungibility to the popular altcoin. These developments were also included on as the second main feature on the home page.

LTC suffered from the current bear market and is currently in seventh place in the AltDex 100 index ( ALT100 ), a benchmark index for cryptocurrencies and large tokens .

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