litecoin [LTC] remains on the development track; Charlie Lee continues to fight against Bitcoin SV


litecoin [LTC]Last week it went very well with various developments and updates from Charlie Lee's cryptocurrency stables. The bear market also had an effect on Litecoin, keeping it unchanged as the seventh largest cryptocurrency in the rankings.

LTC has also been in the news recently when the creator of Coindroid, a popular game based on cryptocurrency, stated that the use of LTC was perfect or its operation. He had declared:

"Litecoin seemed to me natural coupling, it has a good blocking time, big expenses, it makes a lot of sense for our game in our coin droids, and the transactions in the game are around 13 – 14 cents, so do it inside Bitcoin it makes no sense for the commissions perspective, but even the 10 minute blocks end up being a bit too slow for the game "

The spotlight returned to the seventh largest cryptocurrency when it was revealed that 1.15 million LTC transactions, which amounted to $ 61 million, were conducted on the Litecoin network. What distinguishes the huge deposit is the fact that the transaction has led the way to become the richest address on the network. The deposit, announced on Twitter, forced a Twitter user, Novobot, to say:

"This is something else! And even at 50 cents, I hope Charlie Lee is prepared for that."

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, also had a sign in the recently encrusted verse when he joined forces with Jihan Wu to attack Craig Wright of nChain. He had tweeted:

"Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is the real Cash Bitcoin, Karma is a BCH"

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