Litecoin [LTC] releases its new v0.16.2; interesting tweaks observed in the protocol


On September 8, a new version of Litecoin called Litecoin Core v0.16.2 was released, as announced by Media's official blog for cryptocurrency. The version contains minor changes with added features, multiple error fixes and performance improvements, and more. The update was also posted on Twitter by the official Twitter appeal of the Litecoin project, as claimed by the party.

The blog post also highlighted some significant changes to this version, related to compatibility, the size of the miners block and the like. Subsequently, he issued warnings about the possibility of bugs, despite the heavy tests carried out by the version.

Currently, Litecoin Core is compatible with numerous operating systems such as macOS 10.8+, Linux Kernel, Windows Vista and later. However, the post stated that Windows XP is not included in the list. In addition to the tested systems, LTC can also work on Unix-like systems, but it is not guaranteed to do so due to infrequent testing on them.

Another interesting change in the release is the removal of the miners block size. In version 0.15.1 of Litecoin Core, miners deprecated the option known as "-blockmaxsize " provided to limit the size of the blocks. In this version, the functionality has been removed. However, the -blockmaxweight option will give miners the freedom to limit the weight of the block.

Recently, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, published a Twitter poll for his followers in which he intended to find the most popular choice for an integration of the privacy protocol between the LTC community. Here, he provided the community with four options: Private Transactions, ZK-Snarks / ZK-Starks, MimbleWimble, no privacy. Most votes were assigned to the Private Transaction.

This week, the Litecoin network also received the support of Casa LN Node, a contributing factor to the LTC Lightning network. Support will be added to the Lightning House node in the last part of 2018.

cryptofuture4me responded enthusiastically to the release on Reddit, indicating the idea of ​​a broader LTC adoption. The user wrote:

"Where can I buy the Litecoin bumper sticker to advertise LTC with my car? My car is a silver gray toyota corolla.Thanks for every good tip from the LTC family I'm from IL "

A Twitter user named La Secuencia also commented on the price of the LTC token and said:

" Good afternoon, I'm greeting when you think about increasing LTC to 100 or 200 "

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