Litecoin (LTC) Price today: LTC Market Momentum


Litecoin (LTC) is the first hard fork derived from the main chain of the original Crypto, Bitcoin (BTC).

This is how Litecoin is also popularly known as the little brother of Bitcoin, taking the place among the 5 best criptosites for a long time.

However, Litecoin saw a sharp decline in the second quarter of 2018 when EOS (EOS) exceeded it due to its market capitalization.

Later, Litecoin went through another drop, touching new lows and coming out of the 6th placeth the largest encrypted in Stellar (XLM).

In September, LTC even dropped below $ 50, reaching its historical low since it reached its record price.

What is the price of Litecoin today and will the crypt see a rebound in the remaining months of 2018?

Litecoin Price Today: LTC still above $ 50 despite the return Dips

Litecoin recorded a sharp decline in February 2018, further decreasing again in April after going through a rebound to get up again.

In February, LTC fell from its all-time high of over $ 310 to the new low of around $ 140 for an LTC. This is how Litecoin lost more than 85% of its value in just three months.

Although the LTC only peaked ten days after reaching a new low of $ 140 and reported $ 220 on February 15th, cryptography soon started to fall once again.

Litecoin (LTC) Price today – LTC / USD

From the mid-February price of over $ 220, Litecoin dropped to $ 114 in the first week of April, marking new lows again and losing its place in the fifth currency.

Taking another rebound in the early days of May, Litecoin had another peak that brought it to the value of over $ 160 for an LTC.

However, from that moment on, Litecoin has continued to fall in its price.

This is how LTC even touched the value of $ 47 in September, marking the historic low of 2018 for once among the 5 best encrypted.

Can Litecoin go through a serious rebound by the end of 2018?

Litecoin is in red on the chart at the beginning of the year, falling by -17%. However, LTC managed to collect at least 1% of earnings during the last week, which was marked by positive market gains and trends.

LTC is still trading below $ 50 per unit, however, it seems that Litecoin has difficulty overcoming the price of $ 60 potentially making room for $ 70.

The last time Litecoin approached $ 70 came back in mid-September when LTC hit $ 68 with great potential to exceed the initial $ 70 target.

But LTC fell once again, touching new lows and having trouble keeping the value above $ 60 for a Litecoin unit.

The adoption of Litecoin could also go through an important memory in which many people might decide to invest again in LTC (or for the first time) since now you can send and receive payments via Facebook Messenger.

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