litecoin [LTC] network sees a deposit of 1.15 million LTC, making it the richest address


Litecoin [LTC] network, last week, has developed one of the largest and largest transactions to date, according to a blog from the network. A huge transaction of 1.15 million LTC, worth a total of $ 61 million, was completed with a transaction cost of $ 0.5 [Ł0.00922].

The funds appear to have been reallocated from a couple of legacy addresses to the new Multi-Signature or Segwit M address, making the new address the richest address on the network.

The former richest address, however, had zero balance due to the transaction. The last transaction from the earliest richest address was a transfer of 1,139 million [1,139,093.91724168] LTC to the new addresses.

The previous addresses vary according to the SegWit addresses in terms of transaction speed and security. A SegWit transaction offers a lower transaction fee and also allows multiple transactions per block, allowing faster transactions.

Furthermore, he patched the malleability of the transaction. The malleability of transactions allows users to change the unique transaction ID before it is confirmed. This would allow users to pretend that the transaction did not take place, even if all the right conditions were met.

The transfer from previous addresses occurred in multiple 20,000 LTC transactions, of which four 20,000 LTC multiple transactions came from an address that still has a balance of over 150,000 LTC.

The address owner is not yet known. It is also unknown if the owner was just one person or more. The news of the transaction was tweeted by The tweet:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The transfers were made on a Segwit M address to increase security. If the owner of the address is not a person, it could very well be an exchange trying to secure their funds by transferring them to a safe and cold wallet.

One Twittered, New Kid on The Blockchain, replied:

"Why .50? BTC has not had a transaction of over $ 180 million in the last 4-6 weeks and costs less than 0.15? Should not LTC be much cheaper on LN? Or we are adding up the 4 single Tx needed for send this LTC? So many questions …. "

The question was answered by Windr, who said:

"For large transactions, it is safer to use the main network and wait for 6 confirmations.The lightning is great for receiving many transactions because it splits the payment fee based on the weight of the individual transactions that are collected. so there is nothing to divide. "

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