litecoin [LTC] it suffers 6% of price falls while the markets go into a downward spiral


litecoin [LTC] fell by 6.18% over the 24-hour period, as most cryptocurrencies suffered a strong bear attack during the past week. The cryptocurrency market, in general, has slipped down since the beginning of 2018 and it is not surprising to see Litecoin and other dominant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC]and Ethereum [ETH] falling as well.

Litecoin, which was trading at $ 42.68 before, fell 6.18% and at the time of writing was trading at a depreciated price of $ 39.99. Litecoin's market capitalization also fell by $ 160 million and is currently $ 2.36 billion.

As seen on the one-day chart, the price of Litecoin on November 18 remained virtually unchanged and moved sideways.

The price of Litecoin, which began trading at $ 42.68, fell sharply downwards at 6:34 UTC on November 19, bringing prices to $ 41.20.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Over the seven-day period, prices seem to have suffered a much more traumatic experience than the one-day period. Litecoin was trading at $ 51.22 on November 12, until the land below prices collapsed, causing prices to fall, first to $ 41.92, then to $ 40.78.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The total volume of Litecoin's trade was $ 372.29 million and most came from Coinbit, which contributed 37.06% of total trade volume, or $ 248.80 million. Coinbit is a Korean stock exchange and the volume comes from the LTC / KRW trading pair.

DOBI Trade follows Coinbit and contributes 13.12% of the trading volume. The total volume of exchanges was provided by the LTC / BTC association.

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