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litecoin [LTC] It becomes cryptocurrency first to sponsor UFC and enter the Octagon

Litecoin, the silver for Bitcoin [BTC]Gold has gained much more adoption than any other cryptocurrency as its advocates are constantly busy promoting its adoption. With the efforts of enthusiasts in the community, Litecoin has finally entered the global phase of Ultimate Fighting Championship [UFC].

Litecoin has now become the official partner of UFC 232 cryptocurrency: Jones Vs Gustaffson, two light heavyweight fighters to be held on December 29 in California. This partnership of Litecoin makes it the first cryptocurrency to sponsor the organization of mixed martial arts, UFC.

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, tweeted:

"We are thrilled to announce that the Litecoin logo will be on the official cover of @UFC 232's official cryptocurrency on 12/29 at Inglewood CA!"

According to Lee's tweet, the Litecoin "LTC" logo will be displayed on the canvas, promoting the awareness of millions of viewers watching the fight and helping to push the adoption of LTC to the next level.

The Litecoin Foundation has also published this news on its blog. He has declared:

"We consider this sponsorship as the first step towards what will hopefully be a long and fruitful relationship with UFC We look forward to the possibility of doing amazing things with this incredible organization".

Charlie Lee, the man behind Litecoin, has always pushed cryptocurrencies because they have the sonic properties of money that are lacking in legal currencies. With this adoption of Litecoin, Lee's dream of educating people about decentralization and the properties of sound money is one inch closer to reality.

Brad Nickel, a Twitter user, commented:

"I like Litecoin, but this is yet another example of branding encryption and marketing choices.If you are sponsoring racing cars, wrestling or UFC, then you have not thought about target markets or you do not know what it is."

Tastes Like Chikun, another Twitter user, responded to the comment above:

"Crypto Twitter is an echo chamber, the only people who hear what you just said are #Crypto's followers." This is a poor negative response to a positive situation based only on attracting attention to you. .
You have to target the unhappy demographic middle-aged man. You've nailed it. "

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