Litecoin (LTC) and IOTA (IOT) Set for $ 50 and 50 cents


Latest IOTA news

Like other altcoins, IOTA prices are recovering moderately. It is not a banger as expected, but anyway, after the pain of 2018, any upward trajectory is welcomed. At the moment, IOTA has grown by 4.3 percent in the last 24 hours and, after the Coordicide talks in the last days of December, IOTA is increasing shots off products and announcing new partnerships. The central phase is Chat.ixi, a new private chat application without advertising that runs on IOTA Controlled Agent (ICT). The special thing is that the app is not a trawler of information.

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ICT is a luminous knot, an experimental network designed specifically to meet the needs of the Internet of Things. The project stems from an idea of ​​Samuel Rufinatscha and Lukas Tassanyi. Lukas is better known as MicroHash in the IOTA forums. A graduate of Computer Science from the University of Dresden, Lukas was actively involved in the IOTA Spam Fund, an initiative responsible for sending spam to the IOTA network in an attempt to accelerate transaction processing.

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By launching Chat.ixi, ICT now has a "face" and is a way to demystify the futuristic capabilities of IOTA eXtension Interface or IXI. The team says that IXI is a "the interface is kept quite thin and modular by design, in order to separate apps, called IXI modules, as much as possible from the underlying ICT communication protocol".

IOTA price analysis (IOT / USD)


To reiterate, the IOTA is making good progress against the USD. It rose 4.3% at the time of printing and trading in a bullish breakout model after the high-volume fluctuations on December 20, bull bar – 28 million against 12 million, brought it above the 30% barrier. cents.

In a classic breakout scheme, traders were the best place to charge at spot prices because the resulting moves also pushed IOTA above the six-month resistance trend line, which means buyers were firmly in control. At the moment, upward obstacles are present at 40 cents and in an uptrend, aggressive traders can buy at current rates.

However, a conservative approach is to wait for clean breaks above the lows of the third quarter 2018 at 40 cents. Because it will be a breakout model, the accompanying volumes should be above the current average of five million. Subsequently, the first targets will be 52 cents or a maximum of 2018, with arrests of 34 cents.

This will be our IOT / USD business plan:

Buy: spot, 40 cents

Stops: 34 cents

First goals: 52 cents

Litecoin price analysis (LTC / USD)


Today it is likely that Litecoin (LTC) will replace Stellar (XLM) as the sixth most precious coin in space. Not only are the LTC performances exemplary but the trading conditions established in previous business plans have been met.

As seen from the chart, LTC is trading above a resistance lower than $ 35 after breaking above it on 6 January following high volumes, 459 k compared to an average of 226 k. For this reason, traders can load on site with the first goals at $ 50 as follows:

Buy: Spot

Stop: $ 35

Target: $ 50

All charts have been kindly granted by Trading View-BitFinex and CoinBase

This is not an investment tip. Do your research

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