Litecoin (LTC) and Dash Coin (DASH) Released on Ethos Universal Wallet Testing at 95% complete – Crypto Recorder


Digital coin integrations are becoming very critical in the thriving krypton. Ethos has been at the forefront of doing this job. Litecoin (LTC) and Coin Dash (DASH) are the latest additions to the Ethos Universal Wallet. This could be a turning point for the two currencies in terms of adoption and easy access by the user.

Ethos recently announced several company additions including ShapeShift and Simplex. The early addition of Litecoin and Dash on the wallet is preparing for other coins arriving on the platform.

Ethos equation in the Crypto verse

Cryptocurrency users have had a hard time looking for an interface that directly links the theme with various digital resources and Ethos seems to be arrived with a solution; the Ethos portfolio. The testing of Litecoin and Dash Coin on the portfolio is almost complete and there are great expectations that this can stimulate the adoption and the increase of the use of digital coins.

The Ethos portfolio is one of those go-to-mobile applications that will allow users to control their digital asset portfolios from a central point. It comes with detailed and real analyzes that provide the user with an overview of the health of their funds. The universal wallet team worked on the system for a while & the Netherlands was the first country to adopt in May when Ethos tweeted:

Gefeliciteerd! Congratulations to Holland for being the first country to receive the Ethos Universal Wallet. Let us know which nation you think will be next. "

Ethos Universal Wallet on Litecoin and Dash Testing

The ethos community has anticipated the integration of virtual resources into its ecosystem and Litecoin (LTC) and Dash Coin (DASH) tests are almost complete While communicating the good news, Ethos said:

"Our blockchain developers now work in two highly performing teams, both with end-to-end functionality. Team A and Team B are both focused on feature enhancements that are prioritized by applying feedback from the community, with Team B working specifically on new coin integrations. "

However, not all coins meet the threshold of integration in the portfolio Several parameters must be met In the control areas, the Ethos statement clarifies that:

" Before inserting a coin or a blockchain in the portfolio, must go through a verification process. When examining coins, the factors taken into consideration include, but are not limited to: complexity of integration, market capitalization and token quality, network liquidity, community demand and community size. "

The control process Establish the standard on which to add coins and this will make coins willing to use the mobile interface for their development game, to grow their communities and to create demand for their assets and digital products, it is only after meeting the requirements that the Ethos team will be able to accept additions.

The process of standardizing coins is not intended to intimidate or block certain currencies, but to create a uniform playing field for all the resources participating in the Universal Portfolio The market is already ripe for a portfolio of universal solutions.

Why Litecoin (LTC) and Dash Coin (DASH) on Ethos Universal Wallet?

One of the reasons why Litecoin and Dash Coin are the first coins is because they meet the control requirements and the beta test is already underway The Ethos team has confirmed the progress of integration "

ime new coins lined up to make their Universal Wallet debut are Litecoin (LTC) and Dash (DASH)! Now we are testing these two coins internally – putting them at 95% completion. Integration is upon us and we are delighted to bring the Ethos, Litecoin and Dash communities together.

Litecoin Integration News (LTC) and Dash Coin (DASH) on the Universal Wallet have not affected coin performance but a peak is expected when 100% integration is achieved. At the time of the press, LTC and DASH were trading against the dollar against the dollar at $ 56.52 and 138.93 after losing 1.93% and 2.73% respectively

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