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Litecoin fights against other Cryptos to become the first UFC sponsor

Not for the first time, it is the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee against the rest of the cryptocurrency market. Lee has declared that Litecoin will be the official partner of Cryptocurrency of UFC 232 – Jones vs Gustafsson in California on December 29th.

Now, of course, Charlie Lee knows a thing or two about being mercilessly beaten after he sold all his LTC just in time to escape the ravages of the bear market, so the UFC platform suits him.

The rivalry between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson is cruel, with Jones recently calling his opponent "delusional" and Gustafsson who sensed the fact that Nevada refused to sanction the fight after a failed drug test by Jones.

It looks very similar to some of the Twitter fights that are taking place in cryptography recently.

Litecoin was once considered "the gold for bitcoin gold", but since then it has fallen without much ceremony when rival coins including EOS have forced it to take a supporting role. Created as a fork of the Bitcoin core in 2011, Litecoin boasts lower commissions that are more conducive to daily transactions such as the purchase of coffee.

Litecoin logo to be displayed on the canvas of the octagon

The UFC agreement represents the first of a cryptocurrency to be brought to light within the Octagon, positioning the Litecoin logo in the face of potentially millions of pay-per-view fans and probably some Google searches for the start.

"This is a milestone for Litecoin and cryptocurrency in general since no other currency has ever sponsored a UFC event to date with brands and institutions that continue to push in cryptocurrency and blockchain, this is the umpteenth signal of this technology that is approaching the mainstream ".

Litecoin is not the first cryptographic project to become mainstream with its advertising campaign. EOS has made its way onto the Jumbotron of Times Square, as well as the cryptographic exchange of BitMart, which published an announcement on the Nasdaq Tower.

Litecoin could have some positive attention since Lee became a boxing bag in the Crypto community for liquidating his Litecoin wallet. He also predicted the bearish market of 2018, warning investors a year ago not to invest in LTC if they can not manage it going down to $ 20. It was not too far, as today's LTC is trading at $ 30 on CryptoCompare.

Regarding the fight, a Reddit member cleverly suggested that it will be a "No HODL excluded" event.

The author is invested in digital resources, including bitcoin which is mentioned in this article.

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