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Litecoin driving as markets make small moves

Crypto moves marginally this Sunday, Litecoin is in the lead, Binance Coin and NEO follow.

This morning the cryptographic markets have slightly shifted the march, but the most important movements are still missing. After a week of complete inactivity, the markets are approaching $ 125 billion in terms of total capitalization, but progress is still painfully slow in the land of bears.

As usual, bitcoins dominated market movements when yesterday went to $ 3,750. The day BTC earned 1.7% and currently holds these gains, trading at $ 3.730. Since last Sunday, however, things have been quite flat with marginal movements in both directions.

Ethereum behaved a little better with earnings above 2% bringing it back to $ 125. Constantinople, when it finally showed up, could push ETH prices upwards but at the moment the bulls miss out on the action. The XRP has reduced gains by narrowing the gap between the two to $ 500 million in market capitalization.

At the time of writing, the top ten is all green with Litecoin earning more at almost 5%. LTC is currently trading at $ 33 and ready to capture Tether if it can break the $ 2 billion market capitalization. Coingate's adoption of Litecoin's payment processing network seems to be the only thing that is pushing the moment. There was little movement for one of the other altcoins in the top ten in the last 24 hours.

A similar image can be seen in the top twenty with only Binance Coin and NEO that exceed 4% of earnings of the day. Cardano, Dash and Maker have gained over 2%, but the rest is generally inactive today.

Holo is receiving today's Fomo treatment with a 50% pump that will probably go the opposite way tomorrow. Even Apollo Currency has risen in the first hundred with a similar pump and also Revain and Augur have done with almost 30% of earnings in the day. At the time of writing this article there are no altcoins rejects, only TenX is pulling back a little after yesterday's surge.

About $ 2 billion has been added to the encrypted markets in the last 24 hours, which led to a 1.6% rise to $ 124 billion. No change in trade volume, which is still $ 16 billion, leaves the markets marginally higher than the same period last weekend. Bitcoin and its "Bart-like" tips are still dominating the procedures in the cryptographic sphere.

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