Litecoin creator {LTC} reveals Satoshi's alleged debunks; semi-annual airdrop announcement


Litecoin is in 5th place, immediately after Bitcoin Cash on coinmarketcap. From this moment, LTC has a price of $ 72.98. During the last 24 hours, a decrease of 2.05% was observed. The trade volume recorded is $ 2.468 billion, while the offer has 63059493 In-game LTC coins. Litecoin's total market capitalization is $ 4,601 billion.

A day ago, a news article was published stating that the real Satoshi Nakamoto allegedly revealed his identity today. In response to this, the creator of Litecoin expressed his opinion.

As you can see, Charlie is not convinced about this hypothesized revelation. Lee criticized Craig Wright aka "Fake Satoshi", and many others, including Vitalik Buterin, share similar opinions. In order to celebrate the growth and adoption of Litecoin, Charlie announced a tribute today. Check it:

While some have criticized the price falling below $ 75 after the halving, numerous HODLers have welcomed this news. Market volatility helps new buyers to come together and contribute to the bullish momentum. The Litecoin summit is scheduled for 28 and 29 October. Mati Greenspan [of eToro], Anthony Pompliano [of Morgan Creek Digital], Ben Askren [UFC fighter], Landon Cassill [Nascar competitor]and many others will be present at this highly anticipated event.

The summit will take place during the Vegas Blockchain Week 2019. The LTC price could receive a boost before the event.

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