List of accounting firms of cryptocurrency


The impressive rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other cryptographic platforms of this type in recent years, together with the enormous potential blockchain and distributed accounting technologies have shown in all sectors, has generated a & # 39; wave of innovation and disruption in most economies.

In fact, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have proved so prevalent and so useful that giants of all sectors are now ready to jump on board the scrambled wagon. Nowadays, technology giants like Google and Microsoft try to exploit these unique technologies and law firms are launching specialized services for crypto regulations.

As might be expected, the largest accounting firms in the world have not been ignorant of this upward trend, and many have launched blockchain / cryptocurrency control services. So much so that the Big Four (the most important accounting companies in the world: EY, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG) have revealed in the course of 2018 that they are currently evaluating the development of audit technologies for cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Below is a list of cryptocurrency accounting companies, including the Big Four and beyond.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a network of professional multinational services based in London that does not need many presentations in the accounting world. It ranks as the second largest professional accounting service in the world behind Deloitte and has been awarded for consecutive years as one of the most prestigious accounting firms.

Recently, the company began investing in VeChain and employed more than 1,000 staff members for what was announced as a new blockchain / crypto program called the "Digital Accelerators Program." The company's investment in VeChain serves as proof of its commitment to creating a distributed and trusted business ecosystem.




Deloitte is another member of the "Big Four" and offers auditing, tax, advisory, business risk and financial advisory services to a plethora of professionals and companies on an international scale. As of 2017, Deloitte is the fourth largest private company in the United States.

Currently, the company is focusing a lot on technical development and implementation of blockchain technology, as well as on the promotion of the use of blockchain technology. The company has been heavily involved in the creation of one of the first Bitcoin ATMs in Toronto, Canada, demonstrating that the encryption-to-fiat exchange is possible without strict KYC and AML procedures. Since then, the accounting giant has been strongly focused on creating blockchain integration programs and has even created a division called "Deloitte Blockchain Lab".

Ernst & Young (EY)

Third member of the "Big Four", EY has worked hard to create tools that can help companies identify the inherent risks of relying on blockchain technology and using cryptographic models such as ICOs.

In April 2018, the company caused a sensation when it announced the EY Blockchain Analyzer, a technology designed to facilitate EY audit teams in collecting data from all the organization's transactions from multiple blockbusters. blockchain.

This technology allows EY audit teams to extract data from various blockchains to assist companies or individuals in controlling various types of accounting information.


KPMG has joined the three "Big Four" members above, announcing the intention to lead and expand its blockchain strategy in fees, audits, consulting and industries. During the summer of 2018, the company collaborated with various partners in order to create global blockchain strategies and at the end decided to rotate its blockchain activity for the evaluation and risk audit .

KPMG's approach to the blockchain is very similar to that of EY, as both companies have allocated most of their resources to analyze risk in blockchain implementation and to facilitate the process of using blockchain for companies.




IBA markets its team as "the major experts in cryptographic accounting", focusing on the development of solutions for the new age and complete for all taxes related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The company offers a wide range of blockchain account services designed to help any business get in step with the ever-changing crypto market.

The services include consultation of the ICO account, tax advice on personal cryptocurrencies, connection to CPA for cryptocurrency for Bitcoin and other cryptography and coordination for the administration of funds. The range of IBA services is aimed at almost all types of companies or cryptographic administrators such as cryptographic miners, high frequency traders, early adopters, asset managers and blockchain leaders.

Cryptographic CPAs

Crypto CPA stems from a cryptic idea excited by Andrew Perlin and Charlie Minard, and is a booklet / crypt accounting that helps its clients deal with all the implications of cryptocurrency payments.

The principal account company is designed to meet the needs of US taxpayers who wish to invest in cryptocurrency or willing to launch ICO projects. The two main services of the company are the tax preparation of the United States and the tax and accounting services of the ICO. The first helps companies or individuals to define the tax return to the IRS. The second service is to help the ICO project to overcome all the complicated requirements of the fiscal and accounting relationship and to ensure that they are fully compliant with FinCEN, SEC and the IRS.




Mycryptotax is a competent encrypted accounting company based in the UK that offers an impressive collection of tax crypto services to ensure that companies stay abreast of compliance issues, reporting and tax planning.

The company can help any company identify its own tax return requirements, implement the tax reduction strategy, optimize the tax position and calculate the tax liability. The organization is fully accredited and is an associate member of the Chartered Global Management Accounts, Association of Accountants of the United Kingdom, Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the British Computer Society.

Final words

While cryptocurrencies continue their assent, it is a good possibility that we will see many more audit firms launch cryptography / blockchain auditing programs. Still, it is a positive sign that the world's largest accounting conglomerates are willing to invest so much resources in developing encrypted accounting services.

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