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Life has stopped in the United States! Bad news overlap …

According to FlightAware, which followed flights, about 5,000 flights were canceled due to adverse weather conditions, particularly at Boston Logan Airport.

Amtrak trains between Chicago, New York, Boston and Washington DC have also been canceled.

The National Meteorological Service warned and advised because of a snowstorm and a cold climate that affected 15 states in the southeastern state of Missouri north of the state of Missouri.

An aircraft belonging to United Airlines, which departs from Arizona Phoenix and has 129 passengers, has slipped off the track due to the slippery terrain when it tried to land at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Officials said there were no casualties or injuries.

As a result of the overthrow of the snow plow in Kansas, one person was killed and an accident crashed involving 15 vehicles in 55 on Highway 55 in Missouri.

According to the Weather Channel, which offers weather forecasts, the thickness of snow in New England has reached 60 centimeters, and in the northern part of New York, it is 30 centimeters. It was also claimed that the air temperature would have dropped to minus 35 degrees.

Dan Hofmann of the National Weather Service said that the snowstorm and the cold are caused by the high pressure of the poles and the collision of low pressure from the south.

US President Donald Trump, on Twitter, emphasized the size of the snow-covered area, urged Americans to be cautious and "The size of the system (snowstorm) is striking.

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