Let's take a look at the popular Bitcoin-based board games inspired by Cryptocurrencies

Let's take a look at the popular Bitcoin-based board games inspired by Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain would revolutionize the world, not as a bio-digital jazz, but something more relevant to the world economy. While those dreams have not been destroyed, there is definitely a lost luster.

After the ups and downs of the previous year, it is hoped that this year will be more stable and things will be back on track. In the meantime, there are still cryptic enthusiasts who keep themselves busy.

Digital resources have a certain charm that is hard to break down. While some have argued that this is a mania which, in essence, is nothing but a collector's item; a rare bit of code created for programmers by other programmers.

Yet the cryptic community might ask to disagree. For the millions who send and receive these resources, they want more. So now you can find a wide range of products, from accessories to clothes to stickers. It's no wonder the next iteration is about games, board games and cards, at least for now.

Small steps for a budding industry

There have been many games that "borrow" heavily from established games like Monopoly or Life. These are mostly from Reddit-inspired fans who designed their simulation version and received enough interest to engage others.

Still, there are more serious video game producers who are interested in this community. While the games themselves are not as refined as Clue or Risk and may not have the complexity of a Warhammer series.

It is certainly not a surprise for the relatively small fans of a young technology. While it will certainly take some time and some good run on the market before Bitcoin becomes more mainstream, Games based on cryptography are already available Some known games are:

Bitcoin Empire

A trendsetter in its own right, this was the first Bitcoin game to attract the public's attention. The creator of the game, David Thomas says it is a card game with the simple goal of accumulating the most bitcoins.

It has a varied and interesting game mechanics. For example, he has Character cards dealing with law, coding and marketing; with a small fashionable tongue, he also has cards called Campaign Hack, Lawsuit or Smear.

Although the game came out in 2017 and was even discussed online quite a bit, it almost disappeared. That said, it must have done well enough to get a second iteration.

Bitcoin Empire: To the Moon 2.0

This sequel to Bitcoin Empire saw its creator return to Kickstarter and managed to get funding for this project. The game was released in the first quarter of 2018. It is based on the structure of its predecessor, but adds a number of references to pop culture.

The game has been described as "a card game on bitcoins and a conspiracy that the moon landings are false".


This is a strategy game launched with the help of crowdfunding via Indiegogo. The game seems to include everyone and states that: "it requires not knowing anything about cryptocurrencies".

The game has event cards like Rumors, Hacks and Hard Forks and offers a variety of auction methods. Undoubtedly a great place to start learning about the criptos, in a vein similar to what Age of Empires has done to teach many about history.

Cryptocurrency: the board game

This is a game with the slogan:

"Trick your opponents in the purchase of cryptocurrency scams while trading, mines and rumourmongers in wealth".

It certainly captures prevaric prevarication in the market. By putting the player in the role of the CEO of a startup, it is expected that barch and win the road to success, in the way they will need to hire and fire experts, hordes and coins dumps and deal with encryption problems mining.

Considering the game has been able to raise well over $ 10,000 from its Kickstarter campaign, certainly has enough interest in the wider community.

Games are used to entertain and educate at the same time. Some will find comfort and distraction in these while others will undoubtedly find strong memories of nature and the vagaries of the encrypted market.

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