Lenovo is working with the Blockchain platform to develop its own IoT and AR / VR hybrid software


On September 4, the Credits platform, specializing in the provision of a range of services for the startup of DApp, announced in a post media to join the project Lenovo New Vision Technology.

Together, companies will work on developing an Internet of Things (IoT) and AR / VR hybrid software. The software is planned to be implemented in a variety of industries, such as fintech and logistics, reads the ad.

Lenovo New Vision Technology

According to the official press release, Credits "will use its blockchain experience to facilitate the creation of software" for the Lenovo New Vision Technology project.

The Lenovo project is focused in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) / augmented reality (AR) and aims to provide professional solutions for partners in terms of infrastructure, platform development, hardware support, integration of systems and security of services.

"The Internet of Things and augmented reality are already changing the way we interact with the world." We are excited to partner with the Lenovo New Vision AR titan. I see the combination of AI / AR and IoT that they revolutionize the corporate environment, "said Credits CEO and founder Igor Chugunov in the press release.

Lenovo New Vision Technology intends to incorporate Credits' blockchain solution to simplify internal operations and management procedures.

"The credits [has] were chosen by Lenovo New Vision Technology thanks to its distinctive technical solutions, such as the unique consensus algorithm [a] consisting of dPoS (delegated-proof-of-stake) and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) functions, "says the press release.

The blockchain platform that Credits built is capable of executing up to one million transactions per second, offers a processing speed of 0.01 seconds, combined with commission rates up to $ 0.001. the extended functionality of smart credit contracts allows you to set up cycles and create programs.

A Highly Required Service

Credits are an autonomous platform blockchain based on the principles of a peer-to-peer network. The platform specializes in a variety of services that are needed for startups to release their DApps.

The company's website states that it is "the fastest and most scalable blockchain platform for DApps." Credits provides its partners with intelligent contracts, public register and general register, proof-of-concept and MVP development. The company also provides its blockchain application development expertise.

The company uses a decentralized system for the direct interaction of its members. The system incorporates network users, giving them the opportunity to create and use financial services. Each member of the blockchain is able to offer and use different services. Credit tokens (CS) are used for operations, says the website.

Today, the list of credit partners has over one hundred startups that have implemented the Credits platform to develop their system-based DApp services. blockchain. [19659002]

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