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Liu Quan, a Chinese real estate expert, published an online article titled “Ma Yun’s Ant Group Will No Longer List!” From the continental media, which attracted a lot of heated discussion among netizens.

Ant Group has suspended its listing and the outside world has been concerned about where the Ant Group will end up after the listing has ceased, and heated discussions about when Ant Group will be able to return to the list in China and Hong Kong. However, Liu Quan, a senior Chinese real estate expert, previously published an online article titled “Ma Yun’s Ant Group No Longer Listed!” In the continental media, it attracted many netizens to argue.

According to the article, according to the Ant Group prospectus, 60% of Ant Group’s revenues come from the financial technology business. The scale of payment transactions over the past year is 118 trillion yuan. It can be seen that Ant Group is actually a financial technology company, but it uses the Internet. Firms engaged in financial activities on behalf of firms to circumvent financial supervision. Due to Ant Group’s large flow and capital, Ant has already threatened the security and stability of financial market transactions.

Foreign media claim that Xi Jinping stopped Ant’s listing, see[Pagina successiva]for details

Liu Quan analyzed that China’s previous lack of robust laws and regulations and related financial oversight mechanisms has given many Internet companies the opportunity to develop financial businesses under the banner of technology. He stressed that these activities must be cleaned up in accordance with the law.

He stressed that unless Ant Group is willing to fully accept long-term oversight, “there is no future for Ant Group without government approval.”

In fact, Liu Quan had previously written an article explaining that the traditional financial industry and the Internet financial industry are slightly different in nature, so he believes that oversight of Internet technology is more important. He said internet financial service borrowers are more prone to debt crises and insolvencies than banks and, without proper oversight, should carry greater social problems and financial risks.

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