LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers: the only 5 players who could replace him NBA


To understand this note, we must assume that LeBron James has no substitutes in the Los Angeles Lakers. Yes, it seems a contradiction but it is not. We will try to explain which players have the ability to do this Better adapt to Anthony Davis, in case LeBron is no longer in California.

The Lakers were NBA champions in 2020 and almost everything was due to the duo formed by LeBron and Davis. It is indisputable, just entered and traveled in the history books setting off a great alarm in the other teams. At the moment no team has proven to be better and that is why they are reigning champions.

LeBron is 35 and it’s interesting to imagine a Los Angeles team without him. For this reason, it is good to increase the chance to see which players can enter in the King’s place and adapt to an Anthony Davis who has shown that the best is yet to come. When James is gone, the Lakers will want to continue collecting titles.

Players who can replace LeBron James

You don’t have to be an expert to know that Giannis Antetkounmpo is one of them, as he is the two-time MVP of the regular season and the last best defender of the year. However, the negative of the Greek is this plays in the same position as AD, which makes them non-complementary. Or if.

Luka Doncic is the young star everyone wants to have. At 21, he is tired of setting records and is a basketball player who sIt would fit perfectly into La Ceja in a thousand possible ways. Along the lines of Doncic, we can also point to James Harden, who has not played with the interns in the last half and would be an interesting challenge.

On the other hand, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard can be mentioned. No doubt, the two players who fit perfectly in LeBron James’s seat and who would be a guarantee when he joins Davis. For this reason, they are the substitute ideals when it comes to position, even if, as stated above, it is a nearly impossible mission.


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