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Lebanon calls for the return of Syria to the League of Arab States

The Lebanese Foreign Minister, in his speech at the Ministerial Commission meeting on the follow-up to the Arab economic development summit held in Beirut, which will begin on Saturday, stresses that Syria is the biggest hole in the conference and should be in the hands of the Arabs, not within terrorism. Arab countries have, and information fields for the cancellation of the participation of the Iraqi prime minister at the summit by virtue of weak Arab representation.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil deplored every country that did not attend the Arab Economic Development Summit in Beirut.

"We deplore the absence of some countries from the summit because we, as Arabs, do not know how to preserve each other," Basil said during a meeting of the ministerial committee on the follow-up to the summit.

"Syria is the biggest gap in our conference and we feel the weight of its absence".

He stressed that "Syria must stay on our knees, but be in the bosom of terrorism without waiting for external permission", wondering "what is the significance of our university if we could only boycott and comment".

"We did not respect the principle of sharing burdens and concerns, but we put our problems against each other and our people at home", Bassil asked the Arab participants to elaborate an Arab economic vision based on the principle of non-interference in mutual internal affairs.

"We gave our money for a weapon that would kill each other."

"We make our meeting an opportunity to mobilize ourselves in exchange for attempts to erase our identity and diversity," emphasized Basil.

"We face great challenges from war, poverty, malnutrition, ignorance of modern life to extremism and terrorism, our failure to achieve what our peoples aspire to, or at least maintain, in their countries," he said.

"Is it permissible to accept a state that imposes us prosperity and sanctions against those who refuse to comply?" Churches Basil.

The Lebanese Foreign Minister invited the Arab countries to join Lebanon, saying: "Do not let him leave his problems to his people and do not lose them so as not to lose your Arabism and your university".

In parallel, the media reported that the Iraqi prime minister canceled his participation at the summit due to the weak Arab representation.

The general secretary of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, delivered the speech after Bassil. Then it was the speech of the Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Maliki, who said that "Jerusalem is exposed to the worst scheme to change the legal, political and religious parameters".

"We need to use our economic capabilities to protect our national security," Maliki said. "For how long we will remain, we will remain firm in the right of return and will pay tribute to the Arab countries that host Palestinian refugees".

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim gave a speech in which he stressed the importance of "Baghdad on the importance of food security", stressing that he sees "the need to adopt an evolutionary line in this context ".

"Iraq supports the Palestinians to achieve their legitimate rights and stresses that Jerusalem is Arab and the need to address Jewish projects".

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that "Jerusalem is the key to peace and we must work to preserve it and its Christian and Islamic holiness".

"The work of UNRWA in providing services to Palestinian refugees must be guaranteed," he said.

He also stressed that "the bleeding of the Syrian crisis must be stopped", calling for "a positive Arab role to find a political solution to the suffering of Syria".

The Jordanian foreign minister stressed that "in the tragedy of Yemen it must end as well as stability must return to Libya".

Sources of the presidential palace in Lebanon expressed regret at the fact that the heads of state did not participate in the Arab economic development summit to be held in Beirut on the 19th and 20th of this month.

Sources said intervals There was regret and no dissatisfaction with the absence of heads of state, but indicated that representatives of the states participating in the summit were allowed to make decisions with presidential powers.

The same sources have pointed out that there are guarantees that the decisions of the summit will be implemented, and there is a broad presence from various Arab countries, except Libya.

The general secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party Hanna Gharib said in an interview intervals In the "Dialog Hour" program, the absence of Arab leaders from the economic summit in Beirut weakened them, considering that the Syrian presence at the summit was an Arab and Lebanese necessity.

Gharib stressed that the growing Arab resistance is the hope of facing the American and Zionist project in the region.

The Arab foreign ministers held a preparatory meeting for the summit today. The summit was launched on Thursday at a committee meeting on the follow-up to the summit.

After the meeting, the delegate of Lebanon, director general of the Ministry of Economics, Ali Abbas, stressed that the two sides discussed the dossier of displaced persons and the establishment of a customs union Arab.

Abbas revealed that Lebanon presented a united Arab vision in the digital economy.

Syria and Libya cross the summit

Syria and Libya boycotted the Arab development summit in Beirut.

The Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali confirmed him in an interview with him fields The excuses of his country for having participated in the opening ceremony of the summit. He stressed that it is natural that Damascus apologizes for not participating because the League of Arab States has not withdrawn from the sin it has committed against Syria.

The Libyan Foreign Minister also stressed the lack of participation of the Libyan delegation at the summit, while the Supreme Council of the Libyan State denounced that it had insulted the Libyan flag during the preparations for the summit and called for the freezing of diplomatic relations between Libya and Lebanon. While the Libyan government for national reconciliation announced the boycott of the summit, due to what he described as "negative reactions within Lebanon towards Libya's participation".

A journalist said NET OF MAYADEN That the presidents of Tunisia, Mauritania and Somalia will participate in the summit.

The "Republic" newspaper of Lebanon considered for its part that the reasons for an apology from the Arab countries, in particular the Gulf, "have come to consider Lebanon on the Syrian-Iranian axis and the result of concerns over the security ", according to the newspaper.

The High Committee that organizes the Arab summit for economic and social development in Beirut has announced the completion of the preparations for the summit.

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