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Lebanese folkloristic summit: a controversy on the return of Syria and the Manchet refugees

Between differences, disagreements and apologies, the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers continued to adopt the agenda, despite the divisions that obscure options, the absence of Arab leaders, limited participation at the level of the presidents to the Mauritanian and Somali presidents, as well as high-level Arab delegations representing leaders, kings and presidents. President Bashar al-Hariri will receive the heads of delegations, the Lebanese ministers will receive their counterparts from participating Arab ministers, while President Nabih Berri will be absent from participation, even in the opening session, While the Minister of Finance in the interim government Ali Hassan Khalil.

A source of the organizing committee revealed that at least eight heads of state had confirmed their participation at the level of heads and heads of state and then changed their presence.

According to Arab diplomatic sources, the main critical point concerns the return of Syria to the university. While Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil called for the return of Damascus after the suspension of its members for seven years, Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit revealed that there is no Arab agreement on the return of Syria to the university .

It is interesting to note, however, that the stakes in the economic development summit held in Beirut have diminished due to the Lebanese divisions and the growing fears of the Lebanese economy in the light of the faltering attempts to form a government.

In this context, after the conclusion of the fourth economic summit, the political compass will return to the government file.

A source familiar with the «brigade» that the file will move in either a formula or an escalation, but will not remain static.

Disputes over IDPs

Although the joint meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of the Arab Economic Council held yesterday at the Venice Hotel has completed all the preparations for the summit on socio-economic development to be held tomorrow, including the draft agenda that includes 29 items, The conclusion that the summit ended before it began, provided none of the Arab leaders or presidents participated, as one of the arguments related to the Syrian refugee crisis presented by Jordan, remained blocked due to differences during the debate between the ministers, Abdul Aziz A. Qattan, on the basis that it is a political issue that should be discussed in the context of the regular Arab summit to be held in Tunis at the end of March, however, the Lebanese Foreign Minister in the interim government Gebran Bassil, who chaired the joint meeting, The Fourth of the Economic Summit, insisted on the because most of the displaced Syrians go to host countries or neighboring countries for economic reasons, and their continued presence has led to economic and social repercussions in host communities.

The disagreement was not limited to the point that could be circumvented, but rather to the text of a clause in the clause that encouraged the displaced to return safe and sound, some heads of delegations insisted to add the word "voluntary return" to the word "safe return" .

According to the information, this point was widely discussed because of the differences on "voluntary return" and those related to stability, and eventually decided to postpone the decision, to participate in the bilateral meeting between the delegations today, and could be raised at the summit tomorrow, if not agreed.

Bassil said that "the issue of Syrian displacement will remain on the table and we will work to ensure real Arab solidarity around him to share burdens and concerns so that Lebanon does not believe that it is imposed anywhere." He added that "what he has not accepted in time and space will not accept Lebanon about the displaced and refugees at home, in reference to the voluntary return, which is usually adopted by the international community and the United Nations".

Summit of those who participated

The leaders of the Arab leaders who attended the summit tomorrow will remain worried about those who are worried about it: it has been confirmed that they will not participate in any of the chiefs, kings or presidents. Most have apologized. The latest apologists were the Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. Aoun only on Tuesday with the Mauritanian and Somali presidents, but Bassil tried a lot during a joint press conference with Arab League general secretary Ahmed Aboul Gheit to underestimate the importance of the absence of these leaders, although he admitted that this absence is unprecedented at the level of the previous Arab summits, denying that the summit has failed, considering that "every failure or success does not affect a person in Lebanon (and on President Aoun or his kingdom) but affects Lebanon and all Lebanese », emphasizing in return the return of Syria to the embrace of the Arabs raised in his speech As compensation for this absence, which was one of the reasons for the dispute over the Syrian question and the protest of a group of Lebanese on the participation of Libya , was boycotting the summit among the motives of some leaders for solidarity with them.

It should be noted that Bassil ignored the signal of Aboul Gheit during the opening of the Ministerial Conference that the Libyan delegation did not attend the summit and the circumstances that led him to that point, declaring his confidence in the wisdom of the President in the contain the repercussions of this crisis. He said: "It is not appropriate to leave the university with a foreign decision and return to it with a foreign decision". But Aboul Gheit has not commented, reiterating that "The circumstances of the return of Syria to the university have not yet matured".

The sources of the Organizing Committee of the Summit expressed regret for the absence of Arab leaders, especially after the previous approvals have come to personally participate in them, underlining that the summit of this summit and the decisions are important. that will be issued.

Pointing out that the importance of the summits is not measured by presence, even if it is not neglected, he stressed that ultimately the summit decisions oblige the Arab countries and once the delegation that was mandated to represent their state on the decisions become binding.

He explained that the contacts made by the Organizing Committee and the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in the Arab States were intended to inform them about the level of representation and not to improve this level.

The sources revealed that most of the information provided to interested parties confirms that the Libyan flag and the spread of security have caused a stir in the Arab League and have been mobilized in the proliferation of requests on how to disseminate and how to guarantee the security, while some countries went to solidarity with Libya. In this regard, it was learned that the head of the government of Libyan national reconciliation contacted a number of countries calling for solidarity with Libya because of what he considered an insult to his country, and this is what happened.

He said that there could be other factors, such as the absence of an original government in Lebanon, as Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri mentioned during his tour of the three presidents yesterday, in addition to Aboul Gheit personally, but noted that if it was under American pressure, excuses first.

In response to an MTV question on Arab representation at the summit, Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that "it is important that the summit took place and that each delegation present its status". He predicted that "the summit will bring positive results and its summoning in Lebanon is very good".

Hariri told Al-Mustaqbal's television: "Regardless of presence, success is to hold this summit because the goal was not to keep it".

Participating delegations

Despite the absence of most Arab leaders, President Aoun will welcome the Mauritanian and Somali presidents at the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut, where Prime Minister Hariri will receive the heads of the summit delegations and the ministers will receive their Lebanese counterparts. Sultan Qaboos, Deputy Prime Minister Asaad bin Tariq al-Said, first Sudanese Vice-President Bakri Hassan Saleh and Sudanese Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah. The president of the National Assembly of Algeria and the representative of the President of the Republic Abdelkader Ben Saleh, while Kuwait is represented by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabah Sabah and Tunisia, the Foreign Minister Khamis Al -Jihnaoui and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, Jordan Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz, Bahrain Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa, King of Bahrain Abdullah and Minister of the finances of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Jadan.

Emaar Syria

The Minister of Economy Raid Khoury, after the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs and of the Arab economy on the initiative of President Aoun at the summit of tomorrow, on the establishment of a financing structure for the reconstruction of the Arab countries that were destroyed, although the Deputy Secretary-General of the Hossam Zaki League Ambassador announced that the issue of Syria's reconstruction is not offered But he stressed that "it is normal for Lebanon to be present in the reconstruction of Syria, mainly because it was present in the reconstruction of the countries since the time of the Phoenicians.They denied having said that the United States is interfering with Lebanon in the question of the reconstruction of Syria and participating in this process, heard this is a sovereign decision , and each country has the right to exercise it ", underlining that Lebanon will push internally and externally to form a consensus on the return of the Syria at the university, and that the role of Lebanon is to do it.


In the meantime, I participated in the question of government formation in the talks held by Egyptian minister Sameh Shukri with the three presidents, as well as Abul Gheit, who considered that the formation of the government will confirm the stability of Lebanon, emphasizing the Prime Minister Hariri's meeting with the feeling that we are approaching the end of this situation.

Sources expected the ministry to restore contacts on the topic immediately after the end of the Arab Summit concern, through the launch of initiatives and ideas to avoid further political tensions and upheavals, but noted that there is no c & # 39; it is no marketing initiative at the current stage, in reference to the announcement by General Manager General Abbas Ibrahim that "he is no longer interested in any initiative in this sense".

The sources considered that the solution to the dilemma of training resides in the need to make concessions by the group of the President of the Republic, the "free national movement" for the request of 11 ministers, noting that the best solution for the government is to return to the three dozen formula.

The sources added that Prime Minister Hariri continued his stated and clear positions, stating that he could not make further concessions, emphasizing that the designated president was armed with the provisions of the Constitution in terms of mandate, and stressed that the president designated much Patience, everyone has become certain that the solution is not with him, but with those who put the contract and make it constantly.

At the same time, other ministerial sources stressed the importance of finding a fatwa for the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the provisional government to approve the 2019 budget, even if the government does not have the political power to address the crisis, underlining the need to form a government capable of confrontation. Most of these loans must be recorded in the budget where reforms are made, which are the most important things to reduce the real and severe economic crisis.

The sources stressed the need for the interim government to continue its tasks in order to fill the void in which the country suffers in general, but in return with all efforts continue to form the government as soon as possible, considering that this is a top priority, and the sources expressed hope to be The sources have explained the meaning of the words of the American official David Hill as part of the warning against the formation of a deranged government, because that would mean that the relationship of Lebanon with its brothers and friends in the Arab and Western countries is not good, and will be Has a negative reflection Yes.

Prime Minister Hariri is currently taking part in the Women's Emancipation Conference, which takes place at Serail, on the grounds that women are part of the development.

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