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Launch of the Swedish "Bitcoin Tracker One", which allows US investors to purchase the BTC note traded on the stock exchange

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Buy Bitcoin, but without buying Bitcoin? Bitcoin Tracker One launches a note traded on Exchange

The cryptocurrency market has not been reserved for damages that have occurred in their sector. Hundreds, if not thousands, of tokens have suffered losses that could push them to the ground, and are hanging by a thread. With this kind of benefits, there are many consumers who want to refrain from investing, and rightly so. However, there is a new opportunity for consumers who want to get into cryptocurrency without using Bitcoin.

Some people may think that this new opportunity is the highly publicized option to set up an exchange-traded fund in the United States. Instead, it is a note exchanged on the stock exchange. The announcement was made Wednesday on this product, which was called Bitcoin Tracker Oneand will be regulated and listed in Sweden. However, investors can buy it as easily as Bitcoin, if not more, under the CXBTF ticker. It is by no means a new product, and has been sold to the Stockholm Nasdaq stock exchange in the last three years. Although cryptographic ETFs have been repeatedly denied or delayed by the SEC, some experts refer to this as a "soft opening of sorts" for this type of product, such as Bloomberg.com.

Ryan Radloff, who is the CEO of CoinShares Holdings Ltd., is part of the company that supports the development of the ETN. He said: "Everyone who invests in dollars can now get exposure to these products, whereas previously they were only available in euros or in Swedish krona." Continuing, he said, "Given the current regulatory climate in the United States, this is a big win for Bitcoin."

To understand the Bitcoin Tracker Onethe simplest way to explain its function and use is compared to an American filing slip. When these "tokens" purchases are made, the trader will have a resource available in USD but will be listed on a foreign list. Everything that the user obtains from the product will be distributed in USD, while the actual processes are executed in the currency in which it is based. In this case, it is the local currency of Sweden.

There are still some ways in which this investment opportunity is different from exchange-traded funds. ETNs are fundamentally symbolic of a debt, for which the issuer supports. However, it is an alternative to the Bitcoin Investment Trust offered by Grayscale, because it still offers investors an exposure to Bitcoin. Radloff commented that the Bitcoin Tracker One is, as he says, "a competitive product". This could be due to his next comment, saying: "Our products have historically not been traded at a high price and are liquid".

As did cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Tracker One saw a decline this year, but only 51%, while the loss of encrypted tokens seems to be higher than 80% for most of them. All notes are based on the issue of XBR Provider AB, whose worlds are under CoinShares Holdings. CoinShares Holdings purchases Bitcoin as an intermediary, while the subsidiary provides the value in exchange for a debt.

Currently, the US SEC has not commented on how their actions have had an impact on the encrypted market.

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