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Last minute: Vice-President Fuat Oktay calls businessmen

Here are the comments of Vice-President Fuat Oktay at the agenda:

"I wish good markets to all our audience." Vice President of the new system, the previous period, you can say with your expression, that all the vice princes of ministers could have money in front of the Prime Minister, but the System of the Presidency, now the Prime Minister.


One of his main tasks is to act as a proxy for the president. Because it's a single help, it covers all areas. When it comes to our style of approach, there is an intense work of coordination for more than one ministry, which involves more than one coordination activity, as well as the existing …

A very serious transformation kırılma perhaps the first single-party period in 100 years has been the breaking point of the multi-party transition, this is a new breaking point.

What happened in the new system? With offices, political committees, ministries minimization, there will be a much more efficient structure but also a flexible structure. We can make quick decisions, we can apply. But in the decision-making mechanism, changes can be made very quickly if necessary. This is also the case in the legislative field. The presidential decree confers such flexibility on the fact that it is in force; The authority of the Assembly is in a separate location. The system, the legislature, very seriously separates the judiciary.

Last minute: Vice President Fuat Oktay invited business men


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How such an economic attack is prevented very quickly; In previous systems it may take months … Think of the 2000 crisis, which has nothing to do with manipulation. See how August's attack is managed, who is in a position to manage the economy, a structure that unites with the President's mind and is rapidly implemented within the framework of certain policies.

I'm already the vice president; In dealing with the legislator, there is a need for new regulation in the following areas of the legislature, but when I say that there is a need for a common opinion from the ministries, we do its job.


The message here is extremely clear. A message that should be. The president, who looks at the whole world together, has nothing like a concert like this. We already understand how, of course. Normally, the lines of social guilt are mentioned, without polarization. If you were there, we see that there is no depth that you call that bias, and there is also a way of the heart. We lived there. For us, how close we are to Turkish folk music, this is another field and so beautiful.

We have experienced our differences in what we call our wealth. In fact, it is based on mutual respect and love and integrates with its audience. I hope these things continue to increase. It was a nice concert for us.


The president of the Republic of Turkey is based there. Furthermore, especially the newly elected heads of state; we had to go to some countries from that frame. But it concerns construction. When we go to participate in the ceremony it is not appropriate for my structure. Friends who work closely with me know it. Every day we manage to organize a meeting for as long as possible. But it is not by chance conversations. It is part of a project.

Last minute: Vice President Fuat Oktay invited business men


When we went to Latin America, we saw it. Mr President, you have a great response in Latin America. Turkey, I mean our president. Latin America has always been out of our agenda, perhaps geographically distant … When we say America, we are always interested in the United States, North America, but in the south it is a very different world. We went to Venezuela, but what do we have about the project? The continuity of political cooperation depends on the sustainability of economic cooperation.

We came, and three days after his arrival here, the Venezuelan president was here. Venezuela is a country with very large mineral deposits. Venezuela is currently president of the OPEC mandate. Recently, Venezuela has been one of the richest countries in the world. When you look at agriculture, farming and tourism, it is a country with a magnificent opportunity. a country that feeds the conversation towards Turkey. On the one hand, America has sanctions. What do we say? We are against the sanctions of trade between other countries, considering only the interests of any country.

Every country itself, started with sanctions by tomorrow, Russia, India, Turkey, France … this is a habitable world would it be? Create a total chaos. We are trying to determine a specific area.


We also met the President of Cuba. The same hot report … The President's visits were there. In the sense of what we can develop in the dimension of projects; Our visits were within the framework of the sustainability of our President's visits. It was the Cuban Prime Minister's proposal that we had to do joint work on biotechnology. Vaccine and diabetes related to cutting the limbs to prevent serious work. New studies are available. We can take this together; we also have a very serious job in this field.

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We are working hard to bring acceleration in the defense industry to other sectors. Health is one of these areas. Cuba is demanding a very clear cooperation in this area. But now our competent ministries will start working in detail.

We want it to be, and Cuba wants it. Now the technical work will show it. Already with incentives we are trying to improve it. It seems to be a potential.

In the same way, there is a very serious potential in the field of agriculture and tourism. Bolivia … Have you ever heard of Bolivia? It is not possible for a Head of State to feel so close. For example, closely follow developments in the defense sector. There is also cooperation in this field. Bolivia has shown interest in it. Scrap example … a very serious accident we need for scrap in Turkey, related to the production of iron and steel. Now there is a very serious potential, we even started using it. Turkey is a very serious trade from Latin America has already begun. Here's where he started exploring us.

Last minute: Vice President Fuat Oktay invited business men


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I am constantly inviting Turkish businessmen through your means. Turkey's growth model, not to invest in countries where the state establish a public go relationship. We have a growing economic model through the private sector. Our businessmen must be braver. There are risks, of course, but the performance potential is increasing. Our job is to minimize the risks.


Today, our businessmen tell us that "we are ready". We are ready to invest in Niger in Sudan … We can fill his gold as a state.

Let's just try a new model. Let's try a model that will win both sides … For example, we want to do it in Niger in Sudan. Agriculture is one of these areas. We are talking about the allocation of land in very large areas. too fragmented land in Turkey. Brand companies, creating products related to the scale of the earth. We can bridge the gap in Turkey. Turkey is the winning country will win here, but these studies more than Turkey. the supply of local production in our model … not there is if there products can lead to Turkey, you will get it if you want, you can export to third countries.


One of the most talked about topics in Turkey … "you have brought the Syrians, the first will be used for all profits" Such a thing is not in question. When he opened the borders of Turkey, which are under the persecution really well at the start of the download immediately; Think of July 15th. You're talking about a defenseless people whose troops have crushed the state.

Now that Turkey has been at his side when people are looking for a safe haven. Turkey has opened its doors regardless of interests. We all know it. We are proud of how it was created 500 years ago; Yesterday we talk about the Kurds who fled from Iraq all of us proudly in opening our door. Today it is for Syria. I hope our grandchildren will be proud after 500 years. Currently, there are 3.6 million registered refugees.

What did America, Canada do? They came, we opened everything to our hearts and the atmosphere opened the human fighter they qualified. So the doctor who did his Ph.D., engineer, teacher … They wanted to take away the Syrians they thought would be useful in their country and they even took them. They did it also in Turkey. We stopped at a certain point, you can not. Yesterday, there was a statement by the Minister of Internal Affairs 53 thousand Turkish citizenship … Or every citizen will not have a policy that the Turkish citizens. When we look back in the Euphrates Shield, the Olive Branch in the region was close to 300 thousand.


We have expressed that we can not accept the fact that any country, especially if this country is the country you have defined as a strategic partner, will be driven and driven by over 20,000 IRRs and weapons. "Let's cut our core" with the words of our President. When you take it out of terror, you speak of a depth of 32 kilometers. We said we will not leave you here. We also have a safe area, we are talking about a safe area in the control of Turkey. When we go to the south of 32 km, we do not accept the creation of a new corridor. The existence of a PKK, the transformation of a terrorist organization into a state is not something that we will accept, we will not allow.

In this regard, Turkey has made necessary preparations. Military dimension and politics of this work. This corridor of Syrians in Turkey, doing whatever you do, in fact, wants to return home, when you look at people. We believe there will be a return when appropriate conditions arise. "All Syrians will return" there is no such expectation.


"I fired so many people, I arrested so much, so I have so many inmates, so it's over." This is a struggle that must continue, as it continues with broken mechanisms from the structure of the organization. Turkey has broken the back of this organization. Is it done? When we talk about it in such a pretentious way, it can lead to consolation.


It is not possible to say that it was cleaned abroad in the same way. The head of the terrorist organization in America continues to work. In every country we went to the dangers of this organization, we are only saying in terms of the country where the danger is not for Turkey. They will not be comfortable, we say so.


It is answered in the context of the institutions' needs. Every ministry needs it. I'm one of those people who think it's no longer right to raise the state. The staff as I could … This is not it. This is already solved if there is no need.

Until 2023, the road map has been determined. We have identified road map of Turkey. After 5 years, where do we want to bring Turkey? Where will we be in 2020 in 2019? 5 years, 1 year and 100 per day.

Again, another project called 81 provincial carnets. Solve in the middle, but what happens to the local? Understand that you do not think you are resolved in the middle. We will follow very closely. There, we will see the performance of our ministry and public administrators. When you look at 81, how many of you are you? Where was your city in January 2019, where did it arrive in December? With our governor, all the people in our city … We have completed the application in the first hundred days,


Our e-Government work is over 90 percent. We will provide all public services through the internet. From now on, we want to complete the first phase of the e-Government study by the end of 2019 from the end of the year. A citizen can do his job every night while sipping his coffee. We will not ask any citizen for any document in the state. We are currently focusing on this with all our strength. We will not leave the whole bureaucracy, we will say "you can not". Our whole desire to complete at the end of 2019.


IT security emerged with e-Government efforts. You're in good shape and you left as soon as you're angry. Our work continues.

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