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Last minute … United States Senator Graham: YPG is the arm of the PKK!

US Senator Lindsey Graham held a press conference following talks with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar in Ankara. Graham thanked President Erdoğan for the concert of pianist Fazıl Sayın and thanked Erdoğan for his invitation.


The calls that come forward in the Syrian issue of the transfer of Graham, noting that under Obama the US strategy is flawed, "PYD / of when I knew ypg" is that the inclusion of the plan that I knew very well what means Turkey: the political arm of the YPG is connected to the PKK The tests are clear Kan


Graham, considering the desire of the United States to withdraw from the north-east of Syria, "(Administration) understands the desire to withdraw, but an unexpected withdrawal of chaos: President Donald Trump did not do what he did, I only warned of do not go out". he said.


Graham said the US withdrawal should serve three purposes, and that DEASH's defeat emphasized the prevention of Iran's victory.

"One thing is so important in these: Turkey is protected and Syria, we have sent down to Turkey (YPG / PKK), we have to solve the problem, I told the president, if we took Herzegovina and we created a nightmare for Turkey, if we do not do it correctly, Obama, YPG has created a nightmare for the inclusion of Turkey, Trump recess will have to be very careful on this issue and should leave on the turn of Turkey ".

Graham said the US withdrawal before reaching these goals could lead to a wider war in the region. Graham, "Withdrawal, will not end the war against DAESH, will start a new war." He said.

Turkey in this case would have to cancel the armed terrorist elements in Syria, expressing Graham, "Some of these groups armament us". he said.

With PKK / YPG problems in Washington, "Turkey would be convinced to resolve the issue and to convince them that it is a good thing to work with Washington in the future US allies" Graham, expressing the need to deal in a certain sense, continued:

"I think General Dunford has a plan to complete these goals. (PKK), YPG will be out of here from elements in the direction that they feel threatened itself Turkey (US Chief of Staff) General (Joseph) Dunford of a plan. of Turkey in this region We can create a buffer zone that will help us overcome the concerns of the people who helped us in the past, it can be disastrous. "


Graham said that the decisions of Arab countries to work with the Assad regime were their "risks" and they said:

"According to me and many members of Congress, Assad is a war criminal, I appreciate the way Trump responds to chemical attacks, even if he has a relationship with the Assad family, Erdogan was enthusiastic about his attitude and he was thinking of working with Assad The goal is to end the conflict, go to Geneva, reach a new agreement, write the constitution and complete the elections, this is our goal, but how to achieve this, what you need for this You need the cocoon: leaving northern Syria to the Iranians does not contribute to this goal, and our withdrawal will give our friends in Israel the impression that we will leave a highway that passes through Syria from Tehran to Beirut, and Syria will become a second Lebanese for our Israeli friends. "

PKK / YPG, if he chooses to work with the Assad regime stating that it is at their risk Graham, "I predict the safe area, the road map of Münbiç without revealing the implementation of the road does not seem possible. removal of YPG from Münbiç is a buffer zone that extends east of the Euphrates, if we can not do it properly, we do not think we can create the right buffer zone – it will reveal the case, "he said.

Graham, in the last 30-40 years Turkey has made great economic progress, said the two countries could improve economic cooperation through the integration of economies. "This is the free trade agreement, the free trade agreement will serve mutual interests," said Graham. he said.

Saudi Arabia and the murder of Cemal Kaşıkçı said in Ankara, Graham said that the meeting agenda, Saudi Arabia, is an important ally for the United States .


Graham said he had met the Saudi hereditary prince Mohammed bin Selman in Washington two years ago and said: "I saw the Prince a new face for the Middle East and Saudi Arabia as a new mentality, he said.

Graham stressed that the Crown Prince could not demonstrate the expected leadership, said Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who was held in Saudi Arabia, the murder of journalist Cemal Kasikci, showed that the & rsquo; Saudi administration has not complied with international standards.

"Relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States can not proceed unless the question of Prince Muhammad bin Selman is resolved," Graham said. he said. Graham, in a homicide investigation and thanked for Turkey's cooperation. Graham said the US Congress "aimed to show that US allies can not escape such a crime" by holding a Muhammad bin Selman responsible for Kasikci's murder and imposing sanctions on other related persons.


Syria responded to a question about withdrawal from the Graham: "If we withdraw from the YPG resolve the issue will have to take care of Turkey." he said.

US arming the Group would have to do highlights of Turkey Graham, the winner in an unplanned withdrawal of Iran, the United States to try to lose the SDG with people outside of Turkey said it would have YPG.

recalling that Syria Erdogan insisted on protecting Turkey from the terror induced Graham, he said:

"Manbij Road Map is the most important thing to achieve success in the short term.I hope Trump in the middle of Dease as he gently pulls up from Syria and implement the Manbij road map as a confidence-building measure YPG So deleted elements from Manbij and with Turkey we are able to provide real people who work, we do not make this withdrawal creates great difficulties for Turkey ".

After the decision to withdraw the United States to Iraq, the enemies came forward, Graham said.

"I want the Americans to understand that if the Münbiç falls, the problems in Münbiç will soon be close at hand, and if we are able to correctly run Münbiç, it will be a blow to our enemies, a new beginning for the region, and it will be the first step to go to Geneva We have to do the right things here … If you want to be respected here, we have to act as honorable allies here. "

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