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Last minute … The Internet has been disconnected in Zimbabwe

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe's largest Internet service provider, has announced that the government has ordered the complete closure of the Internet connection until a second order with the excuse of protests has broken out due to an increase in fuel prices in the country.


In Zimbabwe, a ban was imposed on messaging sites in the country, following protests in which oil price rises were protested and 5 people died.

The Internet service provider, Econet, in a written statement, the government at the request of all social media sites in the country had forbidden access to it.

"Dear customers, the Internet closed in the country has been reopened, but Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Twitter will not have access to indefinite time." statements have been included.

3 days ago in Zimbabwe due to the increase in oil prices in the demonstrations, the fire of the security forces killed 5 people, 68 people were injured, at least 200 people were arrested.

Many institutions and businesses have been closed due to demonstrations and strikes in several cities, especially in the city of Harare.

The president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa, announced that the previous day, increased gas prices. The Zimbabwe Trade Union Congress (ZCTU) yesterday called on all workers and decided to go on strike for 3 days.


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