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Last minute: surprise of the African heroine of President Erdoğan

Akar, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, commanding general of the ground forces Ümit Dündar, commander of the naval forces, Admiral Adnan Özbal and commander of the general aviation Hasan Küçük Akyüz; His father, Canpolat Usta, and the veteran first lieutenant Özgür Ocak went to Hatay.

Akar reunited with the commandos in the units that participated in the Operation Olive Branch, which was successfully completed for the objectives of terror in Afrin, during their inspections and inspections. Akar made a video call to the commandos during his speech to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and sent Mehmetçi greetings to Erdoğan.

President of the presidential communication, Altun, shared the video

Fahrettin Altun, President of Presidential Communication, also shared a video on the meeting.

In the video, President Erdoğan appealed to the heroes of Afrin, healing veterans on the first anniversary of the operation of the olive branch and wishing mercy to the martyrs.
"With all the sensitivity of Operation Afrin, we can not forget how happy the fight against terrorism is." Erdogan said: "The fight given to Afrin will have an unforgettable place in our memories". He said.

Merciful Mayor on the first anniversary of the operation of the operations of the Olive Branch in Afrin, the mercy of those who lost their lives, Erdogan said:

"These will never ruin our fight against Afrin, and we will never continue to stop at Afrin, Jarablus and Al Bab. This will not stop our Turkish troops, the Syrian free army and all our Syrian brothers. Syria's territorial integrity is now under our guarantee and no division will be permitted here

Afrin & # 39; today in the terrorist attack of Hatay, who was injured in the terrorist attack by stating that Erdogan, "both the TSK and the FSA hand in hand with this fight continues." he said.

Erdoğan reminded the program that he was in the army and sent his greetings to the commandos: "Your struggle is a blessed fight, I kiss you from your eyes". he said.

Erdoğan spoke with the soldiers after the speech of First Lieutenant Oğuz Kağan Usta, martyred during the Operation of the Branch of Olives, his mother Sevim Usta, who accompanied the visit of the National Defense Minister Akar to Hatay and his father Canpolat Usta and the young Lieutenant Özgür Ocak on the phone.

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