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Last minute … oil pipeline exploded in Mexico

The country of Latin America, Mexico, near the city of Tlahuelilpan, about 100 kilometers north of Mexico City, was booming due to a flame in the pipeline.

The Mexican state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) said in a statement, the explosion of the gas pipeline to collect the fuel leaked in the environment 21 people died, 71 people were seriously injured. The governor of the state of Hidelgo later announced that 66 people lost their lives. In Mexico, the closure of some oil pipelines due to fuel theft from oil pipelines has caused a fuel crisis in the country.

Due to the closure of the pipelines, the distribution of fuel was temporarily carried out by oil tankers and long queues of vehicles were formed in front of the service stations due to delays.

Last week in Mexico City on the citizens of crepe in the pipeline, which leaked oil in plastic basins and bottles filled with images of social media spread over the weekend.

President Lopez Obrador, fuel shortage in the oil pipelines made by the fight against theft, stating that citizens must be patient.

The new president Obrador, who took the oath on December 1, 2018, promised to fight the theft caused by the state pipelines and fuel oil depots.

Obrador had installed the tanks on the lines by inserting faucets that were leaking in the holes that the criminal networks opened to the pipelines.

Obrador, who ordered the closure of some oil pipelines to fight fuel thieves, "Let's see who is exhausted, fuel thieves, we?" stressed that this situation will no longer be tolerated.

It is estimated that the cost of fuel theft from state pipelines and fuel oil depots reaches $ 3 billion a year.

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