Last minute | Gold prices have exceeded the limit of 500 lire! Buying and selling prices of gold by quarter, half and full … – Latest news


The question of how high gold prices are continues to be researched by citizens. The trend in the price per gram of 24-karat gold bars, which completed the first trading day of the new week with a sharp rise, continues to be a great curiosity. Parallel to the increase in the dollar exchange rate, 24-karat gold bars, which increased to 496.20 lire, continue to be traded at 489.28 lire. What is the most recent situation in terms of quarter, half and full gold prices? One gram of 24-karat gold bars in the Grand Bazaar completed the day with a 1.64% increase from 496.20 Lira. In the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the quarter of gold was sold for 804.00 lire and the gold of the Republic for 3.289.00 lire at yesterday’s close, while the price per gram of 24-karat gold bars was traded at 496.20 lire with an increase of 1.64% compared to the close on Friday.

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